Now is time that some of college students in Tanzania have finished their four years of petroleum engineering, and others three years in petroleum geosciences.

At the same time Tanzanian students who had left the country for oil and gas  studies have reached their graduation date, now back to home.

These graduates are very optimistic to get employment in petroleum companies with six figure starting salary

The fundamental question here is the guy who will hire them now?

Layoffs in petroleum companies are on the horizon. In order to deal with oil slump, petroleum companies have now erased their campaign to attract fresh graduates.

The situation not only bad for recent Tanzanian graduates, but also  many graduates across the world are now sweating.

When I visit Internet oil and gas forum, recent graduates worldwide share their sad stories, they just staying home with parents waiting for the oil price to restore.

Never panic:
Don’t panic this normal to the oil and gas industry,
The best thing I recommend you to do now is uploading your CV in these  job sites for petroleum jobs

Once you have uploaded your CV you become visible to the oil and natural gas companies and recruiting agency, so you raise your chance of searching for the job.

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Final Words
This is the worst time  for newly graduates, but If petroleum industry is your passion, you will work hard and are gained.

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