I remember  the optimism with Tanzanians  when  the  Italian Oil company  (AGIP) , broke the news on Natural  gas discovery  In the songo songo field In 1974.

Many had strong feeling  the new found resources wealth could transform their lives. And brought hope to a future generation.

It’s  42 years now.  Tanzania’s petroleum resources have become a powerful magnet for foreign investors. And  we hear new gas discoveries  announcement  every now.

The  question  lingered  in mind is how best to  manage such resources.  And  transform temporary  windfall into general  uplifting of the population.

Experience  is the great teacher.

In many African countries, natural resources have fueled violence and war instead of an opportunity for all.

In Nigeria, for example,  Oil has resulted in violence in the  Niger delta. And despite the Oil wealth, Unemployment remains high. And poverty is still widespread .Surprisingly enough, 93 million Nigerians live in the households that  lack access to electricity.

Natural resources have played important role in widening the gap between the rich and the poor in many  Africa’s  oil and gas rich countries

The truth ought to know about  oil and gas

The closer relationship between   chaos and  petroleum resources has led people to describe  that  oil and gas exploration and extraction projects are a curse.

But Tanzania gas. Not a curse. Not  blessing. But is just an opportunity. And they can be used for adding value or  can ruin everything.

In real life, oil and gas do not cause conflicts. But  violence  occurs  when the government is  very weak to withstand political and religious   pressure in peaceful dialogue.

But petroleum resources  can amplify , accelerate and tearing apart  the already weaken  fabric.

Tanzania’s gas and oil are simply an opportunity.  Tanzania’s gas means universal electricityClean energy that does not pollute households. More business opportunities.  And more jobs especially amongst young people.

History teaches us,  Many African citizens doubt  the  system.But to build confidence national oil company must remain sensitive to  citizen’s need as they continue to support  leadership that has signed  a regional contract.

Most importantly , they must invest in a range of program that benefits, environment, local communities  and society as a whole.

But the government  can’t resolve all such challenges on their own. Private sector and stakeholder must shoulder their responsibility

 In essence, It’s all our pleasure, Tanzania succeed. We all benefit when oil and gas   turn into a permanent  human breakthrough. And everybody gets fair deal.