Tanzania is a land of unlimited opportunities.And among of opportunity which has struck Tanzanians is the discovery of Natural gas.

 If you want to invest in Tanzania natural gas industry, you right time is now, dont say i will be starting to invest next month or next year, with these massive discovery of  potential natural gas reserves, there are lot of opportunities which can help you to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Today i will show you four ways to invest in Tanzania Natural gas industries.

1. Exploration
You can buy or lease land and invest money in drilling, if you strike  gas, the investment can pay off  10 times over. If not you may lose nearly everything you invested in particular projrct.This kind of investment are suited for those with very high tolerance for investment risk.This plays are highly speculative.

This project drill near proven reserves, hoping to unlock further value,This are less speculative but there are never any guarantees that their efforts on any one plot of land will bear fruit.

These projects involve the acquisition of plots of land, either through lease
or purchase, over proven oil and gas reserves, and seek to create a steady
stream of income over and above expenses. This is generally the safest way to
get involved specifically in the drilling and extraction operations, and is
more of an income play than a speculative play. The risk is that the oil or
natural gas will run out faster than expected.
This investment is for
those seeking a passive income stream but who can take on more risk than those investing in other traditional income
generators, like investment grade bonds and annuities.

4. Services and Support

These companies provide a nearly unlimited menu of supporting services to the
oil and gas 

industry. Examples include transportation, shipping and logistics
companies, pipeline companies, construction and rigging companies, drilling and
refining hardware and equipment manufacturers, refiners, and many others.Investing in these
companies is similar to investing in any other company involved in B2B
services, logistics, technology, and the like. Some of these investments don’t
rely on increasing fuel prices to be profitable. For example, pipelines
make money by charging a fee per barrel transported. They’ll make roughly the
same amount regardless of whether fuel prices rise or fall, as long as demand
remains consistent.  Final WordsOil and gas are volatile. When you become involved in these ventures, have a healthy respect for the potential risks and be honest with yourself about your own risk tolerance and investment horizons.

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