Tanzaniapetroleum’s  core objectives include the acquisition of latest information on  Tanzania’s exploration and production activities,gain exposure to     the latest trends and development in the East African market and  to keep abreast of geopolitical,industrial and technological developments.
Articles 10 and 109 of  2010  mining Act Stipulate that exploration firms must make provisions for local ownership in areas where they are active.
Therefore  as active players in the industry we are committed to act as a check and balance against other players as we move closer to commercial production.
Some of the prevalent concerns include,transparency in revenue management,sharing of royalties with local communities,access  to information,environmental degradation  and lack of consultation with communities  in oil-rich regions.
Lastly  is to highlight  the  secrecy in public sharing contracts that the government has with oil,gas and mining companies.
    The writer is an oil and gas analyst.Member of Tanzania Petroleum

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