Petroleum continues to be the most important form of modern primary energy in Kenya.

Local oil and gas demand has been growing over the last decade. As Kenya’s economy grows there will be more consumption of petroleum products in the region. It is estimated that by 2030 the consumption of petroleum in the country will be 12 million metric tons (MT). This proves that the country has more potential for setting up a new business in its petroleum sector. Here are six thriving opportunities in oil and gas in Kenya.


1.Start fuelling Stations

With inadequate petrol stations serve the population of 47 Kenyans. More fuel station investments in the country are needed to enhance the availability of quality petroleum products across the country.

Your petrol station is not necessarily in a city like Nairobi. You can start a small fuel station in the rural areas. Major oil brands focused on urban areas. So they always neglect these rural areas. Having your small petrol station in the rural areas is far less expensive to set up and maintain and still guarantees a sustainable profit. So hard-working entrepreneurs and investors can open new fuel stations to serve the communities and support their families.

2.Go into LP Gas (Cooking Gas) Business.

A large proportion of Kenyans are still using traditional sources of cooking energy such as firewood and charcoal. So committed entrepreneurs can join into LPG business to serve their communities and support their families.

How do you invest in the LP Gas business In Kenya depends on your financial capacities? But investment opportunities in LPGas are including: LPGas retailing business, LP Gas plants, and LPGas logistics, and LPG reseller shop.

3.Oil Farm/Depot

Petroleum infrastructure is the major concern in Kenya’s petroleum sectorAnd the demand for fuel has grown the capacity of infrastructure. Imported fuel as stated above is stored in tank farms. Most oil marketers don’t own tank farms and, as a result, always need to store their petroleum products in other tank farms. With a large operating capital, you can construct a tank farm for the sole purpose of leasing it out to oil marketers who bring in petroleum products.

4.Venture into road fuel transportation business

 If you remember, your secondary school Biology subject says, “Movement is the quality of living things,”

So following the increasing demand for petroleum products (for example, premium motor spirits, diesel, kerosene, and other petroleum products) in East Africa, and Central Africa. Starting a business that focuses on moving petroleum products from oil depots to the desired destination across the country and landlocked neighboring countries in East and Central Africa, including Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya, can be a lucrative investment.

5.Inaugurate Bajaji /Boda Boda ( tricycles ) service center.

 The country has experienced a proliferation of new modes of transportation. There are tricycles or boda-boda, as everyone calls it

And due to their capacity, some service stations refuse to serve them because they say that they spoil their pumps. Start a specific service center that serves that part of the market can be a lucrative business opportunity.

6.Community kitchens

 LPG equipment costs remain a major hurdle for low-income households. This presents an opportunity for a community kitchen in low-income areas.

 Your community kitchen provides space for people to prepare high-quality food. Anyone can rent out kitchen space for an affordable price and access LP gas, equipment, and appliance. This will help them come to your space, cook and leave and let someone else cook. Your services will save them money as they don’t have to invest in cylinders and cookers.