There is so much opportunity in oil and gas in Tanzania and East Africa that historically I don’t think has been realized.

The demand for talented, young people who have a unique way of thinking and applying technology can positively shift the oil and gas industry.

Nobody has done anything in the oil and gas industry as Uber has done in transportation. The matter is that the demand for petroleum is overgrowing in East Africa and would be around for centuries. So opportunities for talent are uniquely elevated.

If you brainstorm to be part of this industry, Here are tremendous entrepreneurship opportunities in the petroleum sector.

1.Develop an App to curb illegal cylinder refilling
Illegal cylinder refilling is a significant challenge that keeps busy all major oil marketing companies in the East African petroleum downstream sector.

One of the lucrative opportunities is to develop an app that helps to deal with challenges in the downstream petroleum sector. An app help companies track every LP Gas cylinder across the distribution and supply chain. As the customer takes it, companies know the turnaround time for the cylinder, so they do not see it come back., they can easily track each cylinder.

2.Alternative smaller fueling stations
We don’t have to have big massive petrol stations everywhere. Not every part of the country needs a fuel station that also offers a complimentary restaurant, supermarket, and ATM services.

It is not every corner of Tanzania need that you want to go to the petrol station and eat or buy some groceries. There is the time when you go to the petrol station you wish to your services. So if you are searching for business opportunities, starting a small petrol station can be the best choice.

Furthermore, your petrol station is not necessarily in the city like Dar es salaam or Mwanzania. You can start a small fuel station in the rural areas. Major oil brands that prefer urban areas. So they always neglect these rural areas. Having your small petrol station in the rural areas is far less expensive to set up and maintain and still guarantees a sustainable profit.

3.Station dealerships
Start your fuel station can be a large and intimidating investment, especially if you are new to the retail petroleum marketing sector. By partnering with a major oil marketing company, you will have the opportunity to own one of their stations, and they will help ensure that you have everything you need to have a successful start in the retail fuel sector,

4.Start Bajaji /Boda Boda ( tricycles ) service center.
The country has experienced a proliferation of new modes of transportation. There are tricycles or boda-boda, as everyone calls it

And due to their capacity, some service stations refuse to serve them because they say that they spoil their pumps. Start a specific service center that serves that part of the market can be a lucrative business opportunity.

5.Community kitchens
LPG equipment costs remain a major hurdle for low-income households. This presents an opportunity for a community kitchen in low-income areas.
Your community kitchen provides space for people to prepare high-quality food. Anyone can rent out kitchen space for an affordable price and access LP gas, equipment, and appliance. This will help them come to your space, cook and leave and let someone else cook. Your services will save them money as they don’t have to invest in cylinders and cookers.

6.Build an e-commerce platform for maintenance repair and operation (MRO)supplies

If you are field manager in Tanzania and you need to replace a valve, it might be difficult and time-consuming to find it. This leads to a loss of productivity. But you can help build an e-commerce platform that allows businesses in the oil and gas industry and construction sector to get what they want quickly. This platform would enable users to source maintenance, repair, and operation equipment like ordering a book on Amazon.

7.Become LP Gas(Cooking Gas) Reseller.
The LP Gas retail shop is popularly known as LP Gas dealer or LP Gas reseller. As you walk along the streets of Tanzania, you will notice that there are retail shops on every corner. It is cheap to start this business. You need TZS 2 million to TZS 6 million to start an LP Gas retail shop in Tanzania. The key factors to success in this business are location and your marketing skills. A prime location is a key determinant to the success of an LPG retail shop. Excellent customer services, word-of-mouth marketing and free delivery, are crucial to success in this business.

I hope this helps