The growing demand for fuel in the Tanzania and East Africa region has significantly influenced the region’s fuel operators to increase number of fuel stations.

With the government urging to meet the growing demand, operators are already working to achieve the targets.

The petrol station builds a training course to help existing investors and new investors achieve their strategic growth by providing based fact analysis and help you reduce risk and get a high return on investment.

In this course, participants would learn

  • Three ways to start a filling station business in Tanzania, and the easiest among them.
    How to design petrol station of the future.
  • Operating procedures and documentation required for building and maintain petrol station business in Tanzania(Including the steps and processes and cost to obtain licenses and permits to set up a petrol station.
  • How to undertake due diligence on your location to determine whether your location/land is profitable and how much volume you expect to extract from your trading area based on existing competitions, traffic analysis, and future development, etc
  • The factors determining the profit margin of petrol stations.
  • The breakdown of the project cost and capital required for building a petrol station.
  • How to prepare a bankable petrol station business plan for raising capital
  • The equipment and machines you need to have a complete filling station, their prices, and where you can buy them.
  • The marketing strategies you should employ for your station to attract more customers and build customer loyalty.
    How to find the right contractor for building your petrol station

Who this is for

  • Top and Middle Management Staff of companies and individuals interested in diversifying and starting a lucrative petrol station business.
  • Project managers of the oil marketing companies interested in increasing number of the petrol stations
    Project engineers and consultants.
  • Individuals or entrepreneurs are looking to improve their knowledge and intelligence about planning and starting profitable petrol stations.

Booking Details 

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