Is your career in transition?  

Are you on the lookout for a new challenge?

Perhaps you’ve recently retired and found yourself ready to open a new chapter in your life. Or you are considering retirement, but want to stay professionally involved on your own terms. 

With a career in consulting, you can enjoy greater flexibility, diverse project opportunities, and attractive compensation

  Empowering the leaders of tomorrow and Strengthen the East African oil and Gas Industry.

The oil and gas sector in East Africa is undergoing a massive change in structure and worth.

 With ongoing oil price volatility and emergency of new technology and new exciting projects, oil and gas companies are challenging their profitability and their ability to deliver satisfactory value to shareholders and government. 

To achieve operational success, oil and gas companies will need to prepare new strategies. 

That means their people will also need a new capability, up-to-date industry knowledge, and a detailed understanding of how this valuable sector of economy work.

The sad reality is that the East African oil and gas industry is amid a critical shortage of people with expert-level skills and experience.

Our industry leaders of tomorrow lack depth and broad industry knowledge

 Be Part of Shaping Future of Our Industry Leaders and Making a Difference in the East African oil and gas industry

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