The oil and gas industry has typically been  an “inner cycle” . As oil price being stay low for a long time, that is changing in this dynamic market.

The profit margins are low. Operators are demanding low cost. And they need to get the most of their services.

What if you could identify who operators are likely to drill in Tanzania?

And what if you could have a high-level understanding of their drilling activity and progress?

What if you stay ahead of trends and how the oil and gas market is shifting?

What if you could identify the most active players and a project in which operators have the most capacity for future drilling?

And what if you could do that with with minimal effort and without wasting months of time?

Scouting and relationship are not enough these days. Companies need facts to justify business with you.

To be first and increase your chance of winning bids or getting orders, you must have a plan in place in your area of marketing and sales.

Also, you need an intelligence focused approach that allows you to identify opportunities quickly and with fewer resources and minimal efforts .


A compendium of Tanzania’s oil and gas opportunities.


A compendium of Tanzania’s oil and gas opportunities provides you market intelligence to get you and your salespeople out ahead of the competition with a plan that can break the relationship mold and increasing your chance of winning.

Why Read A Compendium of Tanzania’s oil and gas opportunities?

  • Identifying current and future opportunities and target the best operators customers with high demand for your services or equipment and eliminate wasted time to chase weak leads.
  • Start selling process immediately by calling each of these operators
  • Gain high-level operator activity and project which operators have the most capacity for future drilling.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of Tanzania’s oil and gas shift and opportunities

Key elements including

  1. Trigger events:  These are events that operators customers are likely to buy from you. For example  mergers and acquisitions deals, farm out deals and more .
  2. Drilling plans:  Wells drilled(onshore and offshore) Analysis on key drilling projects and what to expects from the projects in 2020 and beyond .
  3. Influential companies: We profile active and  currently operating companies in Tanzania, including their back ground, mail address , telephone numbers and their recent projects
  4. Gas production demand forecast 2019-2022
  5. Resources and contact information: Links, websites and guidance for those seeking to  offer services to Tanzania’s oil and gas market.

Would you believe it if you discover  the compendium won’t event cost you $ 4000? No,  not even $ 1500

Your investment in your marketing and sales areas is  only $ 100

To buy the report make payment  of $ 100 through western union.

Once your payment is done, send us a copy of receipt  from western union agent  through  or whatsApp +255655376543

The moment we receive your email or SMS, and we confirm your payment, the compendium/report will be delivered to your email address (in PDF format) within ten minutes.

You can then download it and read it on your Smartphone or computer.

Alternatively, send an  to or whatsApp +255(0)655376543 will discuss the payment method that will work fine for you


  What Others Say

“Tanzaniapetroleum keeps me up with new developments occurring in the industry. That allows me to target the best business prospects and selling equipment to most active players in Tanzania. Tanzaniapetroleum can give the companies up-to-date market intelligence and eliminate time-consuming works of spending months visiting web or begging and bribing consultants.“- Imran Pishori. C.E.O AP Central

“Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of Oil and Gas information from east Africa, and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other Oil and Gas companies and business leaders.”- Mark LaCour, Director Modal Point