Imran  Pishori, C.E.O, US based firm AP Central

Are you a supplier or diverse contractor trying to grow your business in the oil and gas sector?

Are you a service provider looking for potential deals within the oil and gas industry?    Or simply a trader looking to take capitalize on the $2 trillion oil and gas sector?

If the answer is “YES” to any of the above questions, then listen:


I have reached out to Imran Pishori, Chief executive officer of the US based firm, AP central. Imran Pishori has been in the industry for years and has supplied goods and services to many multinational oil and gas companies across the world, including Tanzania, Egypt, United States just to name a few.


In this exclusive interview, he gives insights on how oil and gas companies acquire goods and services, the best marketing approach, things to avoid with prospective and existing customers and many more.


Hussein Boffu brings the excerpts.

Q: Based on your previous experience how do oil and gas companies handle purchases?

 A: Oil and gas companies want to streamline their purchases and prefer to go through a direct supplier than having middlemen doing the purchasing for them. This has many advantages such as:

  1. One central point of contact.
  2. Companies don’t have to deal with Terms and Conditions and set up multiple vendors in their system once they are set up with you.
  3. Multiple items with numerous vendors can be combined in one purchase order saving overhead cost for the company.
  4. Expediting, shipping and consolation of the goods can be done by the supplier.


Q: How do you prepare for sales meetings with oil and gas industry prospects?


A: The first thing first is to find out what projects they currently have and what their needs are, then how you can help them. Be confident that you have a service/product that they need and you can help them.


Q: How do you research prospective companies before the meeting?


A: Go to their website and read their government fillings such as 10K to get an overview of the company, their financial situation, and possible new projects.


Q: How to make a persuasive presentation to oil and gas industry buyers?


A: Be prepared. Know who you are meeting and sell them how you can be a benefit to their company by the services you can provide.


Q: What not to do with prospective oil and gas industry buyers?


A: Please, never manipulate or push your clients to get sales. Nobody wants to be pushed to make a buying decision, and once you do so, your clients will notice. Instead, identify needs and ask questions to identify your client’s needs and make your presentation to address your clients‟ needs.

Your goal is not to push sales. Your goal is to solve your client’s problems with your product and services. Overcome objection wisely and be knowledgeable about your products or services.


Q: What is your best marketing strategy?


A: The oil and gas industry is built on relationships. This also includes word of mouth and personal contacts in the industry. So, relationships and networking are key to finding opportunities in the industry.