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[eBook] The Complete Guide to Starting a Petrol Station in Tanzania


Can I be painfully honest with you?

No, not thank-God-he-told-me kind of honesty, where someone points out a gutter in front of you in the middle of the night.

It’s brutal, bitter, and downright ugly.

Have you noticed? In your city, boutiques are empty, restaurants are closing up, and even the streets are getting emptier by the day.

Yet, economic activities are still going on.

But what you will also notice, if you look hard and well, is that some businesses are also starting up.

To be specific, petrol stations line every street corner. More people are consuming more fuel.

Consider this:

  • People are buying more cars. Look at all the cars on the highway—thousands of them—they buy fuel from petrol stations.
  • There is still a power-failure problem in the country, so, people depend on generators—both diesel and petrol powered. They have to buy fuel from petrol stations.
  • Aside that, we’re no longer in the Stone Age where people cook with logs of wood. Now, they simply buy kerosene from a petrol station for their cooking. Those who don’t use kerosene use cooking gas, which they buy from petrol stations.

There’s an available market to sell to in all the above. Besides selling petrol, diesel, kerosene, cooking gas, and engine oil, those petrol stations:

  • Offer car washing services.
  • Offer car repair services.
  • Have a restaurant and, in some cases, a bar.
  • Have a shopping mall.
  • Even rent out vacant offices to companies like DSTV, telecommunication companies, etc.

So, you see, economic activities may have lessened in your city, but it seems some economic activities are increasing by the day. This is a huge business opportunity, if you’re passionate about starting a filling station.

It involves:

  • A tangible investment and a tangible return.
  • Low risk: The petrol station business is not like the forex market where your investment just liquidates. Or MMM where your mavros suddenly freeze. Even if you stop running your business, there are still scores of income streams you can tap into.
  • Selling to an already available market: You are not cajoling people to buy products they don’t intend to buy like multi-level marketers do. You’re serving people who can’t do without your products.
  • Opportunities to do complementary businesses: Businesses like car washing, car repair, restaurant, shopping mall, etc.

This is your opportunity to start a filling station.

What if you could learn the requirements of starting a petrol station without wasting precious years? What if you could learn what it takes to run a filling station? What if you could do that without begging, bribing, or cajoling anybody? What if you could do that now?



In this book, you’ll learn:

  •        Three ways to start a filling station business in Tanzania, and the easiest among them.
  •         The steps and procedures to obtain licenses and permits to setup a petrol station.
  •          The list of certificates you need to run a petrol station.
  •          The cost of setting up a petrol station in Tanzania.
  •          The equipment and machines you need to have a complete filling station, their prices, and where you can buy them.
  • The factors determining the profit margin of petrol stations.
  • Three ways to become a dealer of oil companies in Tanzania.
  • How to setup a petrol station using the brand name of major oil companies in Tanzania such as Total, PUMA, etc.
  • The marketing strategies you should employ for your station.
  • How to control theft and avoid robbery in your station. (Ignore this and watch robbers flock in every now and then.)
  • The challenges associated with running a petrol station.

Download this guide for a token of TZS 50,000 now.

To buy the book, you can follow this link and order it on amazon (  Petrol Station Business Guide On Amazon ) or  make a payment of TZS 50,000 through Tgo pesa, M-pesa to any of these numbers

  1. +255689955711
  2. +255655376543

Once your payment is done, send an SMS to +255689955711or +255655376543 with the following details:

  • Your full name.
  • Your email address.

Alternatively, send an email with the above details to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com The moment we receive your email or SMS, and we confirm your payment, the eBook will be delivered to your email address (in PDF format) within ten minutes.

You can then download it and read it on your Smartphone or computer.

If you’re not in Tanzania,  you can buy the petrol station business guide on Amazon. Click the link to order your copy on Amazon  .Petrol Station guide on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What kind of book will I receive?

The book will be in PDF format, delivered digitally via email. There are not physical copies of the book sold at this time.

2.What happens after payment?

Once a payment has been made, you will receive an  email, and a download link with which to obtain a copy of the PDF book.



Meet the Author


Hello, my name is Hussein Boffu, and I’m the author of How to Start and Run a Profitable Petrol Station Business in Tanzania. I’m also the founder of TanzaniaPetroleum.com

I am an entrepreneur specializing in the oil-and-gas supply chain. For quite some time now, I’ve been consulting a lot of businesses, both local and international, regarding starting a business in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector.

I have been approaching and talking to executives, and have been selling goods and equipment to various oil-and-gas companies in Tanzania.



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