Drumroll, please.

Because this is yet another brutally honest jab.

Recently, I heard someone, who wanted to register for an agric program that will fetch him millions per year, say, “I thought I’m going to make millions. Remove the registration fee from it.”

You laughed, right?

Please, don’t. You may be laughing at your mirrored self.

Let’s examine the following:

  • A petrol station located in a highbrow area of the city with lots of traffic could sell more than 30,000 liters in a day. At least, assuming two-third of customers decides to keep malice with you, you’ll still 10,000 liters.
  • Multiply 10,000 liters by the current price per liter.
  • Then multiply it by 30 days.

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That’s the estimated amount you’ll be making per month if you start a petrol station. Aside that, other income streams like car washing, car repair, shopping mall, etc. will also fetch you money.

When you calculate that altogether, it’s obvious that you’ll be dealing with a huge amount of money.

Now, considering your starting budget, too – millions of Tanzanian Shillings – you’ll also be dealing with a huge amount of money.

Contractors, architects, bricklayers, carpenters, etc. don’t charge cheap amounts for building a petrol station – you’ll also be dealing with a huge amount of money here.

But why do you think you can pull off paying less for the right information on which the whole scenario hinges?

Lately on Tanzania Petroleum, we launched a book titled, How to Start and Run a Profitable Petrol Station Business in Tanzania.

A lot of people have indicated interest. A lot people have also ordered their copy. But it still remains a group of people who, for one reason or the other, decided it’s not the best time to take the offer.

Most especially, a high percentage of that group made that decision because they think a petrol-station business guide is quite expensive at TZS 50,000.

If you’re one of them, can I tell you the plain truth?

You’re going to shoot yourself in the foot on stuff requiring money. If you continue with that mindset, you’ll buy inferior but cheap goods and pay your workers miserly.

In a year or two, sabotage will chip in. Theft will introduce itself. And in a year or two, you could be closing shop.

I know some people are not financially able to order for their copy now at that price, but they are going to use the information wisely.

So, because of people in that category and the fact that Tanzania Petroleum sets to achieve its vision by providing information to its audience, The Tanzania Petroleum Team has decided to offer a discount on the book.

There’s a catch, though. We’re not morons. Even if we pawn Tanzania Petroleum to the lowest bidder, everybody will clap and call the CEO a good man.

We’re offering you the following discount for a limited time:

  • TZS 30,000 for two days. That is, from the 29th of July, 2 PM to the 31st of July 2 PM.
  • TZS 35,000 for two days. That is, from the 31st of July, 2 PM to the 2nd of August, 2 PM.
  • TZS 40,000 for two days. That is, from the 2nd of August, 2 PM to the 4th of August, 2 PM.
  • TZS 45,000 for a day. That is, from the 2nd of August, 2 PM to the 3rd of August, 2 PM.

The above discounts are strictly time conscious. All time are in GMT+1 timezone.

Please, note the time before making payment because the time you pay depends on the discount you’ll be eligible for.

So, hurry while stock lasts.

To buy the book, make the appropriate payment Tgo pesa, M-pesa to any of these numbers:

  1. +255689955711
  2. +255655376543
  3. +255653702878

Once your payment is done, send an SMS to +255689955711 or +255655376543 with the following details:

  • Your full name.
  • Your email address.

Alternatively, send an email with the above details to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com The moment we receive your email or SMS, and we confirm your payment, the eBook will be delivered to your email address (in PDF format) within ten minutes.

You can then download it and read it on your Smartphone or computer.

If you’re not in Tanzania, send an email to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com and we will devise a payment option for you.

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