Road Transport of Fuel/Petroleum products is a profitable business in Tanzania and East Africa that need a lot of strategic plan to start. This business plan will be used to define the scope of our services, as well as a means of gaining the necessary investment to open the company. It will also be used continually  in the evaluation of road transport of fuel business’s  mission, goals and objectives.

Executive Summary

ARA transport is an indigenous energy, logistics and transportation service company duly registered and it has obtained a license to transport petroleum products across the country. The company is formed following the increasing demand of petroleum products (example, premium motor spirit, diesel, kerosene, and other petroleum products) in Tanzania. The company primarily focuses on transporting petroleum products from oil depots to the desired destination across the country.

The company has drivers who are helpful, courteous and fully trained to handle hazardous materials. They have licenses so there will be no need for company’s training. Our trucks will be clean, well-maintained and inspected regularly for safety and comfort.

At ARA Transport, our philosophy is one that emphasizes service in the real sense of the word and the realization that effective communication is key factor in our business. The company also realizes that in this competitive market, flexibility and professionalism maintain that leading edge.

The biggest strength of ARA transport is its personnel since experienced and trained drivers who can take care of transportation of petroleum products from depots are the heart of this business.


The company’s mission is to provide reliable, timely and safe logistics services in the downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry.


To become the leading energy logistics service company in its area of operation by offering services with superior customer value.
To be a reliable partner and act proactively to fulfill all the needs of its customers by delivering tailored petroleum products logistics services.

Objectives of the Company

  • To purchase two more trucks/fuel tankers in the next three years.
  • To extend its operation by acquiring the license to transit petroleum products to the landlocked countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and DR Congo after three years of operation.

Services Description

Road Transport of Petroleum Products: ARA Transport is engaged in the road transport of petroleum products from the oil depots to the desired destination across the country. The company transports all petroleum products such as: AGO (Automotive Gas Oil – Diesel), PMS (Premium Motor Spirit – Petrol), IK (Illuminated Kerosene), Jet – A1, HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil), IDO (Industrial Diesel Oil) etc.

Competitive Edge

Human resources: We believe that drivers are the life (blood and oxygen) of logistics and transportation business. Your drivers can make or mar your transportation business, so recruitment will be a top company priority. We will make sure that drivers are licensed and well-trained to drive fuel/petroleum tankers/trucks.

Maintenance: Our research has shown that most of the haulage and logistic companies do not carry out a regular maintenance of their vehicles. They do maintenance when their truck breaks down. AT ARA Transport, we shall promote the life span of our truck by ensuring and putting in place systematic maintenance routines. As our business grow and more trucks are bought, we will hire an in-house mechanic to handle maintenance and repairs.

Business Ownership and Structure

Promoter: Khalid Magombeka
Khalid is passionate about the oil and gas industry and the logistic and transpiration business. For the first three years of operation, Khalid will handle many responsibilities as Managing Director/ Truck supervisors / Accountant and head of marketing. After three years of operation, the company will be in the expansion stage and will recruit people to handle these responsibilities.

Business advisor: Said Saleem has spent over 10 years in downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry in Tanzania. He owns five petrol stations in Dar es Salaam and he’s also the managing director of Saleem Transport Limited which transports petroleum products in Tanzania and neighbouring countries including Rwanda, Burundi Congo DRC etc.


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