With rising demand for fuel in Tanzania and East Africa, the downstream petroleum marketing sector creates massive value for the economy, but the opportunities are yet to be fully explored.

Sustainable Investment and Business Opportunities in the Sector.

Tanzania and East Africa’s fuel marketing industry is still not saturated. There are enormous opportunities for further investment to increase the adoption of liquefied petroleum gas(LPG) and other wide-range petroleum products across the region.

Furthermore, The sector offers sustainable business opportunities ranging from starting petrol stations marketing liquefied petroleum gas(LPG) and lubricant oils.

The good news is that the entry barrier for entrepreneurs to partake in the sector is relatively lower than in the Upstream(exploration and production) sub-sector of the oil and gas industry.

Huge Employment Opportunities
The downstream petroleum marketing industry in Tanzania and East Africa is huge. The sector offers substantial employment opportunities. Furthermore, the sector is a recession-proof industry. Even in a bad economy, people need fuel. This means the sector offers huge longevity of jobs, in contrast to the Upstream sector.



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