Oil and gas business become the hot cake in Tanzania, many Investors have been put their cash in this industry.
Have you ever thought why? As a result of strong return it produce.

I can with confidence tell you a lot of cash has been made on the regular basis, Investors are cheerful to their banking accounts with streaming of money like water streaming in the Indian Ocean.

Why don’t you take your reasonable proportion and begin to develop wealth in Tanzanians gas?

And the great information is that you don’t need to quit your jobs making an investment In Tanzanians oil and gas industry.

You have a choice either do it full-time or part-time, if you are oil and gas wealth seeker, there are several ways to strategy Tanzanians gas industry.

Each has benefits and drawback, Before you talk of making an investment you need to know where to invest, your choice you are making after this, relies on your wallet dimension.

What I mean is: Looking at through this article you choose if are able to manage to offer logistic and transport solutions or making an investment in drilling oil and gas wells.

Buy stock in Oil Companies
You contact broker and buy share of either upstream(exploration and manufacturing company) or downstream(marketing and oil companies) in Dar es salam Stock return Exchange.


  1. Do not need great investment anybody can afford
  2. Less risk investment in comparison to other oil and gas investment avenue


  1. It impacted by oil costs, right now oil price is down so we are near the base because of the condition of the economy.
  2. Find out more about inventory business

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Invest in drilling projects:

There are two kinds of this type of investment
Exploratory well.You drill well in places no past oil and gas discovered. And a number of water wells could be sunk before real gas is found
Development well: these are oil and gas wells sunk in area whereby gas has already been discovered

  1. High benefits
  2. Tax deduction


  1. Risky business if you don’t attack natural gas


  1.  examine the oil company profile and study its past undertakings
  2. Put resources into experienced oil company which took care of and executed a few activities fruitful
  3. Just oil company with demonstrated track records can diminish the risk of your asset altogether

How do you invest in these schemes
Most oil and gas organizations have sites that welcomes investors to take interest through online application

Supportive services
You give services that are required by oil and gas organizations to achieve oil and gas exercises this incorporates logistic and transportation solutions, pipeline services procurement solution and so on.


  1. Less risk
  2. Do not need huge capital

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Find new oil and gas reserves:

You buy area from the govt. And you take part in hunting down oil and gas


  1. In the event that you are willing to acknowledge high risk then you get strong returns (you make up 10 times of what you contributed).
  2. You restore failures past projects if you discover oil and gas in territory


  1. High-risk investment(you can reduce your whole investment)
  2. It’s  capital intensive

Final words
Oil and gas investment give you immense return but it also is a risk relying upon how you decide to invest.Make sure you research your options and become knowledgeable of the risk associated with each kinds gas investment and pick one that is a good fit for you.

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