Earlier this month, Tanzania petroleum development corporation (TPDC) launced a 2-day workshop held at Karimjee hall Dar es Salaam with aim to improve capability of Reporter in composing and reporting about oil and gas industry

Perhaps Tpdc has been done an awesome job and performs their positions in developing the potential to the journalists on the most proficient method to write for oil and gas areas.

It simple to think following two days seminar you have increased every single vital ability to write for oil and gas industry convincingly.That is the misguided judgment. Why? here’re answers

Oil and gas area language:

When we discuss writing for oil and gas market indicates having a specific knowing of terminology used in oil and gas area.

The market has exclusive terminology each achievements writers must know. Do you realize these terms: downstream, upstream midstream, do you really Know the distinction between IOC and NOC? Farm out?

Downstream represents procedure for getting oil and gas out of the ground also know as exploration and production.
Midstream actions include in transport of oil and gas from point A to B, Consider direction tankers, and truck

Downstream actions cope with handling raw oil into completed items as well as marketing and selling of oil products, consider think like refinery, diesel fuel, fertilizer plastic materials and so on

NOC relate to the National oil organizations possessed by the specific govt. For example, TPDC is national oil organization possessed by Tanzanian government. And Statoil is the National Oil Companies claimed by the Norwegian govt.

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Above are few example of primary oil and gas field terminology you must know to create for oil and gas industry.

Highly unpredictable industry:

The global oil price fluctuations can change the whole oil and gas business within brief period of your energy. Instability of oil costs can bring new open doors and also challenges, written work for this industry implies you writing in turbulent field, so effective writers must know about the pattern of the business

Complicated industry:

Oil and gas industry has wide range than some other field on the planet from exploration > extarcting> processing > transportation > selling. To write in oil and gas industry, you should know how the oil and gas business work.

How to become successful writers for Tanzanian oil and gas industry.

Writing for oil and gas organizations are quite different from another industry.However, there are few wish journalist and Tanzanian who wish to compose about oil and gas market to put into consideration as there are rapid growth of expectation among Tanzanians in the industry and us ass writer  (Tanzanians) we are accountable for moderate-high amount anticipations through our pens.

And the best news is that You don’t should be science understudies to compose for oil and gas industry. Anyone can turn into an effective writer for oil and gas field, what you need is:

  1. Interest
  2. Desire
  3. Commitment
  4. Specific information

Fall in love with long learning
In the wake of composing 3 – 5 articles you might think you have officially aced writing in oil and gas industry.

It simple to think following 2 days prepared from TPDC you have turned into a specialist.

Be that as it may, this is truly false ideology.You need to build up the propensity for long lasting learning. Resolve each day to learn about oil and gas industry.

Perused articles, books and everything concerning this industry. In this manner, you turn into effective writers in this field and additionally have numerous thoughts to expound on

Do your Homework
Visit various web page of oil organizations, especially those working in Tanzania.subscribe to their publication and comprehend the pattern of the oil and gas companies.

Final Word
Writing for oil and gas areas is not hard as it looks though it could be challenging if you take the market as the identical to other sectors.

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