IMG-20160113-WA00421Trends of Oil and Gas News:

On September 24, 2013: “Plot on locals’ stake in oil, gas thickens” The citizen Newspaper

On October 24, 2013: “Muhongo shatters oil dream for locals” The citizen Newspaper

On January 22, 2104: “No favours for locals in gas deals….” says JK (formal President)

But Today

14 January 2016: “Neither the company/ Government that are searching for Oil and Gas here have educate us about the effect of what their are doing………” Resident at Mkuranga

14 January 2016 ” We are scared even to ask about the effect of their activities ” Resident at Mkuranga

History in News

On 29 December 2015: “People of African descent will be among those most adversely affected by climate change, notes the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, in a statement calling for international climate change efforts to be more inclusive….”

30th November to 12th December 2015: “COP21 was held in france for African countries to negotiate with developing countries in climate change…….”

Fact about what people say at Mkuranga


Their Expectation


Oil and Gas in their Area.


We will compare the History of Developing Countries from the time when they discovered Oil and Gas….


How the citizen was Involved until Now

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