How Much Do Tanzanians Know About Natural GAS (1)
Natural gas is a hot talking point in Tanzania. It is hardly now living in Tanzania for months without hearing any single announcement about natural gas. It affects Issues ranging from politics to energy.

There a lot of misinformation passed around about natural gas in Tanzania. So I wondered how Does general Tanzanians know about basic details concerning Natural gas?

Jobs and investment opportunities
As I am speaking with Tanzanians graduates, I often hear the same sadly statement “Where are the jobs in Tanzania oil and natural gas sector” Local entrepreneur too, they don’t aware on where to invest in Tanzania natural gas sector as the oil and gas industry is a complex industry.

All studies show that Tanzanians are optimistic about natural gas to create many jobs. However its seems people are misguided about the industry. Oil and natural gas industry are highly capital intensive industry and, therefore, don’t prefer to have many employees

Revenue generated from natural gas
When we talk about natural gas our mind sunk into how revenue that will be generated from natural gas would be distributed and utilized. However, we don’t think on steps required to be taken for natural gas production begin and time framework for production. Furthermore, Citizens misinterpret between natural gas discovery and commercially proven discovery.

Oil discovery
Although total natural gas finds in Tanzania is recently standing at 55.5 trillion cubic feet but the country has no recent oil discovery. There a lot of misinformation passed around about discovery of oil in the country.

Recent statistics results by U.S energy information administration indicate that Tanzania does not produce crude oil and consume 350,00 barrel  of refined crude oil product a day in 2013. And all were imported. However exploration is ongoing so crude oil discovery might be forthcoming.

To be called “oil and natural gas sector” it does not indicates the country producing crude oil but has to do with nature of the formation of oil and natural gas.

Oil and natural gas are related products, are found in tandem and the process of formation are relatively similar . For these reasons is  why it  called oil and natural gas industry.


How much do you know about the Natural gas?

Lucky has struck Tanzanians, You live in the land with great wealth underground. The natural gas industry is growing fast than ever in the country. So You should know the natural gas properly so as to uncover hidden opportunities in the sector.

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