In our new campaign called OGHOTW, we post stories and quotes about the oil and gas industry that will give you new insight and take your career and business to the next level.
The good news is that the stories come from people who have passion to make positive contributions to the lives of others. They use platforms in the industry as a vehicle for that. All of them are recognized as industry leaders.
This week, we are learning from my good friend Mark LaCour. Let’s all face it:
“This is an industry of people doing business with people [as opposed to people with corporations or corporations with corporations]. People in oil and gas business prefer to do business with people they like and know,” Mark LaCour is quoted as saying.
Now, you understand the relationship-based culture of the oil and gas industry, that people sell to people who talk and think like them. Any other factor is unproven and risky.
So, if you put yourself in front of prospects, shift your mindset from making immediate pitch and focus on building relationships based on trust.
Do that and you will stand out from the crowd.
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Hussein Boffu is a business consultant with experience in the oil and gas(energy)industry, business strategy development, business planning, research, due diligence, sales and marketing, project coordination, supplies and equipment procurement. He has a passion to help entrepreneurs and businesses in the energy sector to build, grow, and develop sustainable, profitable enterprises. So that they can create more employment and provide a good life for their families, employees, and communities. He can be reached via or Text/Call/WhatsApp +255(0)655376543