UN Millennium Goals Hungry To Learn
Despite the facts that Tanzania oil and natural gas industry is in the infancy stage but it is the active growing sector than ever. However, the industry faces challenges of shortage of talents with skills applicable to oil and gas industry.

In order to creates that pool of talents in the industry we need to start to educate children completely from scratch, we must begin from local primary schools and inform children and teenagers about the significance of oil and natural gas in the country and get them know basic details concerning oil and gas like those uses of oil and natural gas, how oil and natural gas are formed and where natural gas their mom and day use for cooking food at home are come from?

When children have a better understanding about oil and natural gas will need to start considering oil and gas industry as a career.

A person like me when I speak with kids in Local schools to know how about their visions ” I often hear the same statements
“I would like to be a doctor” “I have passion for pilot”

How about petroleum engineering? How about petroleum geology? Who would be Petroleum geoscientists? Who Would be Petroleum accountant?

It seems children lack awareness about natural resources notably oil and natural gas. We need to encourage children to the oil and gas sector and assure them that there are future in the oil and gas industry if we want the true success in the oil and gas


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