Are you really looking for a way to make money in Tanzania oil and gas industry?

Fancy to join the league of oil and gas business  in Tanzania?

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Since 2010 several natural gas discoveries have been made in offshore southern Tanzania.

This led to a flock of numerous investors and companies to invest in oil and gas sector.

The natural gas discoveries have created new investment opportunities

The articles explore several opportunities to make money in Tanzania oil and gas industries by supplying services and products in this industry and also explains tips to succeed in this business

Let’s face them

1:Supply expandable equipment
Provide anything that oil and gas exploration companies need to get oil and natural gas out of the ground.
Example of products you can sell or supply to oil and gas companies include the following

Drilling bit is frequently needed to be replaced after boring rock for some miles. Also, you can supply

Drilling fluids are essential products needed by oil and gas companies, especially in drilling phase in order to transport rock cutting away from the well.
Also, you can supply to their pipes and drilling strings.

2:Accommodation services
Since most oil and gas reserves in Tanzania are found in remote sites, you can make money by providing, tents, catering equipment and kitchens to oil and gas companies

3:Logistics services
Is another way to make money in Tanzania oil and natural gas sectors. This can be done by ensuring there is land air or sea transport ,to move people from and to the sites.

4:Safety and health services
In Oil and gas industry health and safety continue to be significant, You job is to supply medicals and best safety personal protective equipment used in land and offshore field, including safety boot, element etc

5:Human resources- You can make money in Tanzania oil and gas industry by supply of permanent and temporary staff that work for oil and gas companies
6:Communication services
Is the another way to make money in Tanzania oil and gas industry, it include providing internet Tv and other recreational facilities to the remote sites
7:Engineering services,
It includes providing welding services water well drilling services. For those Tanzanians who own water well drilling companies, can deliver services to drilling water well to oil and gas companies.

Tips to succeed in these investment opportunities

Capital is most popular excuses to many entrepreneurs, but for these investment opportunities start in the scale that is comfortable to you

In order to succeed in this business, you should provide your services or product faster, well and at reasonable prices, It is better to decide the location where you will reach your customer easily, For Tanzania Mtwara is the better places since there a lot of natural gas discoveries.

Calculate risk
As you understand, every business has its risk. As oil and gas business is a very volatile due tendency of oil downturn It is better to know the risk of each business in order to know how you can avoid them.
You should get a permit of driving your business from the concerning authorities in order to avoid unnecessary quarrels

Final words
There a lot interesting oil and gas business-opportunities-in-Tanzania , However, it can get very confusing if you don’t know where to look If you have read the article, I congratulate you! Since you have already discovered some of them

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