We had   meeting  with Innocent Anthony and  he  agreed to share with us about his career on oil and gas industry, work experience and his memorable trips, We are very delighted to share with you this wonderful conversation.

1.Tanzania petroleum: You have bachelor degree in Electrical engineering, how did you get an  idea to join oil and gas industry?

Mr  Innocent Anthony: Well, Before I had no idea about oil and gas industry, I got this opportunity during schlumberger career fair at University of Dar es Salaam in 2012 when i was in my senior year engineering students waiting to sit for my final year examinations. I passed through different schlumberger series of interview sessions and thank you God i was among of few candidates who were selected to join Schlumbrger in Tanzania  where am currently working as  Maintenance engineer and maintenance supervisor

2.Tanzania petroleum: Now you are working in office but earlier you were working  on the rig? What are the most difficulties for you to work in field.

Mr Innocent Anthony: I started my career as a Field engineer and spending most of my time in the field, from Kenyan desert land rigs, land rigs in the forest of west Africa  and offshore East African mainly Tanzania and Namibia.The field life is not easy  and not for everybody, working in harsh environments, cold to hot,24/7 is not easy, Staying away from your  family  for  for long time, living in very remote location or offshore, working with people from nationals and different behaviors just to meet a common goal, extracting hydrocarbon from the ground.

3.Tanzania Petroleum: As the nature of petroleum jobs it involves  trips  in distance places across the world, As you have travelled in many places, what are memorable experienced during your visits

Mr :Innocent Anthony:My memorable trips is when I visited  South Korea , where  I got opportunity to see how drill ships are built from scratch, installation of rigs on the ship and installation of service companies drilling completion equipment on the drill ship

4.Tanzania Petroleum: As the layoffs increasing in petroleum companies, what is your advice to recent graduates and other professionals who are looking for a career in oil and gas business.

Mr  Innocent Anthony: Regarding ongoing massive layoff in the oil and gas industry, this is normal in the petroleum industry.Sometimes the oil and gas industry faces this kind of downturn due to low oil prices. Last time it happened in 2009 but  but we saw it happening again  now after 6 years. I hope oil prices  wil return  to normal  soon as we have recently seen stability of crude oil price per barel

5.Tanzaniapetroleum:Before start working, ideally you have  to pass a special training and test, can you tell us  about those tarainings and test?

Mr Innocent Anthony:Yes when I started my career I had no idea about this industry since I graduate with Bachelor of science in Electrical engineering. From the first day of my job I was taken through  a series of classes and on job training(working while learning). I was trained in country like France. Abu Dhabi, United states etc. also working to get field exposure  in countries like Congo Brazzavile,Kenya, Uganda Cameroon, Namibia and Mozambique. In all these countries I was working under supervision and after  one year I was complete performing jobs standalone.

Tanzaniapetroleum: It was pleasure to talk to you , Thank you a lot

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