The oil and gas business to most of Tanzanians is sound too big, Many of us  we believe is impossible for an average person or individual to venture into oil and gas business. This is absolutely wrong.

The problem is not financial capacity, because you may have a huge capital  but still you can fail to run  business.

What is needed to venture in oil and gas business are  interest and creativity. If you are very interesting in oil and gas business you are about to learn  a great stuffs.

The articles explore small-scale oil and gas business which you can start to-day with little money or no money,

No matter what is your pocket-size is, but in  this article   we shall see how  you can easily  run oil and gas business in Tanzania,

As capital  become popular obstacles and excuse for many of us to venture in Oil and gas business, i will show you where you can get capital so as to run oil and gas business.

Also we could see  in brief how oil and natural gas industry work so as you could have a clear picture of oil and gas business.

Before we move to the those oil and gas business ideas,lets see in brief how oil and natural gas sector works,?

Lets begin

Oil and natural gas industry  include three segments,upstream, mid stream and down stream,

Upstream it deals with getting oil and natural gas out the ground, in other words, we call exploration and production

Midstream means moving of oil and natural gas. It include Tankers, car, rail.

Downstream means refinery ,marketing and selling oil and natural gas products,  these products include kerosene diesel fertilizer, plastics etc.

.Now lets see 6 oil and gas investment opportunities in Tanzania.

1.Consulting in oil and gas

Are you really interested to offer advice? Here is the right oil and gas business  to start..

Recently, there  a lot of Tanzanians who are working with oil and gas industry, So if you have worked with these oil company for a long time, definitely you have gained a lot of skills and experience, you know how the industry works from upstream to downstream,you know well the challenges that face oil companies you can offer advices to  investors and entrepreneur who are fascinated with oil and gas business and they  will pay back to you.

2.Equipment lease,

Very interesting business, You can start a firm which will lease out equipment used in oil and natural gas sectors. And the good news is that we have some of Tanzanians who run this kind of business.

3.Information entrepreneurship,

You can make millions of moneys simply by sharing oil and gas news, explaining the trend and challenges of Natural gas industry in Tanzania, create magazine targeting  oil and gas industry etc.

The most Interesting thing in this business is that you can start with no money, if you have computer with good access of internet then you are ready to go. According to finding conducted by Twaweza organization, it show that 77 percent of citizens of Tanzania, believe that there is person who is responsible to give them information in oil and gas sector,  Why don’t you be responsible for them  and turning this challenge into opportunity,

4.Diesel Distribution business

If the  Tanzania economy is estimated to have  grown by  6.5 percent in the first quarter  of 2015, means the more energy will be needed to meet the demand, You can start make money by distributing  diesel to the company, hospitals universities and private organization etc

5.Establish filling  station

 Now this business it become popular in Tanzania, but demand of this business is also higher, as the economic of country  grows, number of average people who own cars and vehicle will mount, set up filling station and sell petroleum products like petrol diesel etc

6.Staffing and Training

Since we need a lot of local experts in Tanzanias’ natural gas sector, you can start firm that will train local  workers and  individuals so that they can perform their task at the level that meet the demand of oil and gas industry and society as whole.


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Where to get the capital to start oil and gas business if you don’t have money

As i said  before, most of us we rely on capital as an excuse of not doing oil and gas business, Although not all  the business I mention above require capital to start. But if you still worry  about capital let’s go

  • From salary and wages

If you are an employee in oil and gas sector or any company, the simple way to raise your capital,is to save small amount of money until you raise you capital to go into oil and gas business.

  • Friends and family

You friend and family are already know you, they can be easily to take risk of you than investors or banks, talk to them dearly, you will raise you capital

  • Investors

There a lot of people outside there, who have a lot of money and they  look for people with interesting in doing business to invest in your oil and gas business and you will raise your capital.that why i say the problem is not money, there a lot of money in this world.

  • Apply loans

   This is very popular ,there is no need to go in details of these, Find the bank you interested in and apply for loans

  •      Use assets

Do  you have car, houses,land, why don’t you use those assets to raise your capital. The good news is that we are able to live without these assets. sell your car and raise the capital

My Final words

 Its very important to note that you should get permit  or licenses  to  run an authorized oil and gas business in Tanzania, Also you may consider the risk of each oil and gas investment opportunity before you start.

 Is all up to you.

Up to now you have seen  how oil and gas industry works, you know oil and gas business opportunities in Tanzania, and where to get money to raise you capital, the rest is up to you, but your right time to start oil and gas business is now, start now and start where you are.

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