As you pursue a career in petroleum industry either you want to do  business in oil and gas sector or  you would like to get the job in petroleum companies, it is better to know these three types of petroleum companies and it well help you know  where you can start  so as to reach your dreams in petroleum industry.

Well ,let us begin

There are three types of oil Companies

1.International Oil company (IOC)  Which also is non state-owned or privately owned. An Ioc is an international super major  oil company like

  • Exxon Mobil,
  • Royal Dutch Shell, BP,
  • Chevron,
  • Conoco Philips

IOC are available  in most countries where oil and natural gas exploration and production occur.

2.National Oil Company (NOC) or state-owned company of an oil-producing host country, example

  • Tpdc in Tanzania
  • Adnoc in Abu Dhahabi
  • PEMEX in Mexico,
  • Statoil in Norway. Together all NOC currently control 88% Of oil reserves.

Unlike the independent or IOC they rarely work outside the  country borders.

3.Independent Oil and gas company

This privately owned company are non integrated which means they receive all revenue from  oil and natural  gas production at the wellhead. The are  exclusively in the exploration and production segment of the industry and are found world-wide.

My Final Words

Your role as graduate, students or entrepreneurs is to understand all above mentioned petroleum companies and analyze and evaluate  each types of company  and then  decide where is an i deal place to begin your career.



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