Since the oil price started falling in June 2014, the jobs in oil &gas companies keep falling, oil price crash has led to the many layoff from both operating and service companies many petroleum professionals have lost their jobs while fresh graduates are finding the way to get jobs in petroleum industry. This become difcult task for fresh graduates to get jobs due to the stiff competition in the industry.

Why there is stiff  job competitions in petroleum companies and how it  will affect many recent graduates.
There is stiff competition because the number of people who are seeking jobs in petroleum companies increases due to the current massive layoffs that left many petroleum professionals unemployed. So the demand for job is very high because those petroleum professionals who lost their jobs want to back again in petroleum companies and recent graduates also wish to begin their career in petroleum companies. This led to stiff competitions and it will afects many graduates

How low oil price would  affects many recent graduates as  they looking for  jobs in petroleum companies

  • Experience and training
    Due to this low level of crude prices companies are finding ways to ensure that they minimize costs and making profit, So to hire graduates it cost them in terms of money and time, due to the fact that it require long time to train fresh graduates in order to do the assigned jobs effectively, Therefore applicants with experiences and training are more preferred due the values they add in the companies

when you compare with fresh graduates. So oil companies will kills graduate job in order to cope with this low level crude price.

  • Less Salary
    Even if the oil companies will open fresh graduate jobs in this period of oil price downturn, the companies will chose few best candidates with less salary compared on what they were did before oil price crash. So many graduates will compete over the few jobs.
    Final words
    Possibilities of securing jobs for recent graduates is very lower due to this low crude prices, however if petroleum industry is your passion, you will fight and win the battle
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