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How To Get Repeated Business In East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project



The massive discovery of natural gas in Tanzania and crude oil in Uganda, has made East Africa the hub and lucrative market for investment
Large investment has been made in East African specifically Uganda and Tanzania after the significant discoveries of gas and oil in the countries


The recent huge investment is proposed East African Crude oil pipeline will take Crude oil from Kabaale –Hoima in Uganda to Chongoleani peninsular near Tanga port in Tanzania. This project provides immense opportunities across different sector of economy
And many people have been eyeing on this pipeline.


The simple truth is that the most profitable sales in any business are from REPEAT clients … and their REFERRALS!



The problem is… this rarely happens


Suppose you have approached a pipeline construction contractor and has given you a job to supply civil equipment.

My question. How are you going to get them give you repeated business?

So here are realistic ways to make clients in the proposed East Africa pipeline to rely on you for the supplies and services

1: Meet Delivery Schedule 

very Believe me, no client wants to deal with supplier or service provider who delivers the services late.
This is because delay of delivery of goods or services affect pipeline construction schedule
They will highlight delivery time on the purchasing order(P.O). But undoubtedly deliver the services on time or early is the easy way to get repeated sales in the EACOP project.


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Back in the day, when a client ( oil and gas exploration and production company in Tanzania) award me a small job to supply them with chemicals. In the purchasing order, the delivery time was one month.

But I delivered the material in the first week from the date I received purchasing order.
Guess what happened? In the next day, the procurement manager of such company sent the Request for Proposal (RFQ) invited me to quote for more supplies.

I looked for the price of the Items they needed, and I submitted my proposal. Again, they awarded me the job.

Since then, they kept giving more and more job.
Once you provide service in time, you make your client happy. become a friend of your business and which will result in more jobs


2:Provide the quality services
So, supply high-quality products and render topnotch services. If clients ask you supply them with local welders, bring them the best welders.

If clients ask you to construct access road along the pipeline route. Offer them the best service,
Don’t act as if you are the only service providers in the industry. The oil and gas is a competitive sector, to get repeated business in the pipeline project you should wow your clients with fast and good service


More opportunity in the East African crude oil pipeline project will be determined on how you did your last job
So when you get an order or contract, deliver on time. If not, clients may not invite you to bid on the next contract
When you fail to meet delivery schedule and offer quality services. Client will pull you out as his a supplier or service provider

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