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5  Warning  Signs You Will Never EVER Make Money In Oil and Gas In Tanzania and East Africa

The multibillion-dollar oil and gas investment like drilling projects, construction of East Africa crude oil pipeline has been grabbing entrepreneur’s attention to pursue opportunities in Tanzania and East Africa’s oil and gas.

A lot of people figure out the ideal approach to make money in Tanzania and East Africa’s oil and gas sector.
But the truth you may not want to hear is that the large percentage of those people will never make a cent in the industry and the few of them will make little money.

If you don’t want to be the part of this group who will never make a cent in the oil and gas sector,  please read this post and you will know how to go about it.
Before I share with you the signs, I want to clear up something. This article does not intend to discourage anybody. But I want to be honest with you about the oil and gas sector.

Now, let’s dive in

1:Oil and Gas Is Not Your Thing
The major mistake people make is get motivated to join the oil and gas because they saw or heard their friends make a six-figure income, they go into the oil and gas sector for money.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing with wanting to make more money from the industry, everyone loves making money (include my self)

The problem comes up when you try to enter the oil and gas thinking is filled with money, without loving the industry.
The good news is that, if you passionate about the oil and gas you will keep moving even in the tough times. But if oil and gas is not your thing that means you don’t love the industry, and if you lack passion for the industry you will quit even when you face a little challenge.

To be successful develop the deep interest in the industry.Once you love the industry nothing will prevent you from making money from the oil and gas

2.You care about instant result
Here I am talking about people seeking to have fat bank account quickly. They believe will produce income in the oil and gas quickest
You want to enter the oil and gas market today and get the client in the next month.

Or generally, you want to get a job in the big oil and gas company straight out of college(I had the same thought, too). That might happen. But not for everybody. I admit the oil and gas is the most rewarding sector.

But getting high paying clients in the oil and gas needs to build trust and long-term relationship with clients. And neither of those things happen overnight. And just like anything worth having, it takes effort.So if you are looking for the quickest income you will never make a cent in the industry


3. You don’t want to upgrade your knowledge
The only way we advance in this industry is through continuous learning.
You need to focus on learning and understanding the oil and gas. You should learn how to do business with oil and gas sector. Most importantly you should be learning to sell goods and services in the petroleum sector.

The moment you stop learning the moment you stop making money in the industry
The best mistake you can make is believing you know everything about the industry and position yourself as an expert. The oil and gas huge, you need to continuously upgrade your knowledge. Graduation never happens in this industry because you need to be a lifelong learner.

When I said learning, I am not talking about getting back to college for Masters degree in Petroleum engineer.

Today the planet earth is one global campus, you can learn everything you want to learn about the oil and gas sector. So go online, take oil and gas training, read the oil and gas book, there is a dozen of books available online for free. Attend oil and gas conference and events to learn more about the industry. And ask guidance from the expert.
Take for example I have a virtual oil and gas consultant in America, a countless time I reach out to him for guidance. Thankfully, he answers all my question His name is Mark LaCour. And here’s  his  website, have a look at it, (https://modalpoint.com/)
Just click the link to see the video that I had interview with him,  (Advice From American Oil and Gas Expert For Tanzanians Youths) I never underestimate anybody. I strongly believe every one I met has something to offer me about the oil and gas sector.

I got a university student who’s teaching  me how to use some oil and gas software.

The future of the oil and gas sector belong to the learner and not hard worker this is because once you learn you will bring the tangible result to your business and you will have successful oil and gas career.

4.You  don’t expand your  relationship 


The oil and gas is the personal  contact industry, people in this is industry prefer to work with people they trust and know, so networking is the key to success in the oil and gas sector. So build relationships with other oil and gas professional. Attend the industry conference and events and conference, and join the association and clubs.

This will help you gain more contact and you will meet many people who can help you and help them in return. Networking is all about helping others. Networking is received and take, so once you meet new people in the event or conference avoid to sell yourself or your products in the initial interaction of networking. Instead, figure out how you can help them.

People have two fear when you meet them, fear of being manipulated or taken advantage, so your job is to eliminate these fear in your initial interaction of networking, and the best way to do that is to figure out how you can help them in the first place, Instead of focusing on what they can offer you
If you won’t build relationship, you will be suffering from getting client or even job in the oil and gas

5.You don’t have plan
You need strategies to reach your goals, how many clients you will meet and talk in a week or month. What are potential people will help you in achieving such goals
If you close your eyes, where you see yourself in the next 5 years In your oil and gas career
For example, recently I got an idea to write oil and gas ebook. So I started to figure out who will be my audience. When do I want to publish the book? Who will assist me in my eBook, I listed names of all people that I need help from, Then my strategies was  to set up  one to two hours to work on the ebook every day
If you don’t have clear goals, you will make a cent in the industry


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