8 Critical Costs You Must Know Before Starting Petrol Station In Tanzania

Thinking of launching your own petrol station business in Tanzania?  It’s an exciting venture, but hold on—there are some *major* costs you need to be aware of!  Let’s break it down for you.

1. Land Acquisition:

First things first—where are you gonna build? Buying or leasing land can be a hefty expense. Make sure it’s in a prime location for maximum customer flow!

2. Permits Galore:

You can’t just open shop without the right paperwork!  Licenses from EWURA, NEMC, OSHA—these guys are your best friends (even if they’re a pain sometimes). Safety and environment first, folks!

3. Gear Up with Equipment:

You’ll need more than just pumps! Storage tanks, EFDs (fancy, right?), and all the other bells and whistles. Invest wisely, ’cause this stuff keeps the wheels turning. ️

4. Show Me the Money (aka Salaries):

Employees make the world go round. Budget for your attendants, admins, and security folks—they’re the heartbeat of your station!

5. Project Kickoff:

Time to build! Construction costs for your office space, canopies, and that solid concrete floor—it’s where the magic happens.

6. Cash Flow Crunch:

Got enough dough to start? Working capital is key—stocking up on fuel and handling daily expenses like a pro. Keep the cash flowing, and you’ll stay in the game!

7. Keep It Running:

Electricity bills, water supply, security—these bills don’t stop! Budget for ongoing expenses to keep your station humming along smoothly.

8. Maintenance Matters:

You’ve got the goods, now keep ’em in tip-top shape! Regular maintenance ensures your pumps and station stay top-notch for those happy customers.


Phew! Starting a petrol station is no small feat, but with these costs in mind, you’re ready to tackle anything. Plan smart, budget wisely, and watch your dream station become a reality!


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4.Customized business plan.

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Hussein Boffu runs a consultancy helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals through business planning and consultancy support. Would you like to reach out to him? Contact him via email at hussein.boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com or by calling, texting, or WhatsApp at +255(0)655376543.