A Guide to Petrol Station Pumps Costs and Prices In Tanzania

One of the crucial questions potential petrol station investors ask when they call us is: How much does a petrol station pump cost?

Although this is a difficult question, I will explain some general pricing guidelines for fuel station pumps.

Fuel pumps are much like purchasing a car or Laptop. With so many options available, prices can range dramatically.

It is easier to know the costs once you figure out the type of fuel station pump you want.

The first factor you need to consider when purchasing a petrol station pump is to identify your actual needs.

Your supplier should focus on helping select petrol station pumps that are tailored to your unique needs rather than focusing on closing sales.

Before purchasing pumps, it is essential to determine what your specific needs are. For example, if your petrol station has a large distance (more than 25 meters) between pumps and storage tanks, purchasing submersible pumps rather than sanction pumps is advisable.

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Also, if the type of traffic passing at your petrol station, large vehicles and long haul trucks mean you need a petrol station pump with high flow rates.

Suitable petrol station pumps for your site are flow rates of 250 liters per minute or 500 liters per minute.

Furthermore, suppose the vehicle passing at your petrol station location are mostly small vehicles and tricycles. In that case, the petrol station pumps with a flow rate of 40 liters/min or 70 liters per minute are recommended.

Also, it is helpful to know the number of products such as diesel and petrol and the number of nozzles. All these factors determine the price of fuel pumps.

What Are the Prices of Fuel Pumps in Tanzania?
Most reliable and durable pumps will cost Tsh 7millions to Tsh 25 million.

Unfortunately, some investors only focus on the initial prices of the pumps, intending to find the cheapest supplier, therefore sacrificing quality and warranties, which inevitably leads to regret,

It is advisable to conduct comprehensive due diligence before committing. This will help protect your capital and reputation.

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