Analysis of the GFPSO Vessel Arrives at GTA LNG Project, Marking Key Milestone for bp

Arrival of the FPSO Vessel.

The recent arrival of the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel at the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) Phase 1 LNG development marks a significant milestone in the energy project offshore Mauritania and Senegal. This development represents a substantial step forward in bp’s strategy to deliver resilient hydrocarbons.

Project Overview.

– Location and Partners: The GTA project is situated 40 km offshore on the maritime border of Mauritania and Senegal, in a water depth of 120 meters. The project is operated by bp in collaboration with Kosmos Energy, PETROSEN, and SMH.

– Journey and Construction: The FPSO vessel, constructed at the COSCO Qidong Shipyard in China, traveled over 12,000 nautical miles to reach its destination.

– Technical Specifications: The FPSO, with an area equivalent to two football fields and a height of ten storeys, will house up to 140 personnel. It features over 81,000 tonnes of steel, 37,000 meters of pipe spools, and 1.52 million meters of cable.

Strategic Importance and Future Prospects.

– Energy Production: The GTA Phase 1 development is expected to produce approximately 2.3 million tonnes of LNG annually for over 20 years. The project is the deepest subsea infrastructure in Africa, with wells located in water depths up to 2,850 meters.

 – National Significance: The project has been designated as a National Project of Strategic Importance by the Presidents of both Mauritania and Senegal, emphasizing its critical role in the region’s energy infrastructure.

Technical and Operational Aspects

– Processing Capability: The FPSO will process over 500 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, removing water, condensate, and impurities before transferring the gas via pipeline to the Floating Liquified Natural Gas (FLNG) vessel at the Hub Terminal, approximately 10 km offshore.

– LNG Export: At the FLNG vessel, the gas will be cryogenically cooled, liquefied, stored, and eventually transferred to LNG carriers for export. A portion of the gas will be allocated to meet local energy needs.

Broader Context and Implications.

– Energy Transition: This project highlights bp’s dual commitment to current energy demands and future energy solutions, reflecting a balance between traditional hydrocarbons and innovative LNG developments.

– Economic and Environmental Impact: The GTA project is poised to significantly impact the local economies of Mauritania and Senegal through job creation, technological advancement, and energy supply. Additionally, LNG, as a cleaner-burning fossil fuel, offers environmental benefits over coal and oil, supporting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

– Global Energy Markets: The development underscores the increasing importance of Africa in the global energy landscape, with new basins like GTA becoming crucial sources of LNG, catering to rising global demand.

Key Updates and Future Directions.

– First Gas Timeline: The focus now shifts to the safe completion of the project and the commencement of gas production, which will be a critical milestone for the partners involved.

– Potential Expansion: As the first phase of the GTA project progresses, future phases could further enhance production capacity and economic benefits, potentially positioning Mauritania and Senegal as key players in the global LNG market.


The arrival of the FPSO vessel at the GTA Phase 1 development is a landmark achievement that reinforces bp’s commitment to innovative energy solutions. This project not only promises significant economic and energy benefits for Mauritania and Senegal but also highlights the strategic importance of LNG in the global energy transition.

As the project moves towards the production phase, its success will be closely watched by stakeholders worldwide, eager to see its impact on the regional and global energy landscape.

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