2024 Tanzania Upstream Oil and Gas Activities Report – Your Gateway to Business Opportunities

Dear service provider and equipment supplier.

We’re excited to announce the release of the 2024 Tanzania Oil and Gas Upstream Activities Report by Tanzania Petroleum. This comprehensive report is a valuable resource for both service providers and equipment suppliers in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Key Insights:

1. Planned Activities:

Get detailed insights into planned activities by International Oil Companies (IOCs) in Tanzania.

2. Development Stage and Activity Status:

Understandthe current stage of development and the status of various activities in the upstream sector.

3. Precise Location Information:

Gain access to exact locations of ongoing projects, providing you with a strategic advantage.

4. Subcontractors:

Identify subcontractors actively working on these projects, facilitating potential collaboration.

How This Report Can Benefit You:
– Support your strategic planning efforts.
– Enhance your business development initiatives.
– Capitalize on upcoming business opportunities.

Research Methodology:
Our research is based on meticulous tracking of the Tanzania oil and gas sector through public information sources, including company websites, press releases, activity updates, and insights gathered from industry experts through interviews.

The price of this invaluable report is $479.

Booking Information:
To secure your copy or join the waiting list, send an email to info@tanzaniaPetroleum.com or reach out to Hussein Boffu on WhatsApp at +255(0)655376543.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic Tanzanian oil and gas industry.


Hussein Boffu runs research consultancy helping you move forward with certainity. He believes in making your decision making fearlessly.Reach out to him via to him via hussein.boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com or by calling, texting, or WhatsApp at +255(0)655376543.