Whether you are new to the fuel station industry or add to your portfolio of petrol stations, choosing quality, reliable, and durable pumps is key to elevating your petrol station business performance and reducing operational costs.

A percentage of a group of petrol station owners and operators prefer to buy second-hand pumps or purchase them based on a low price. They think paying competitive rates to buy high-quality and durable pumps is expensive.

Can I tell you the plain truth if you are one of them?

You are going to shoot yourself in the foot on stuff requiring money. If you continue that mindset, you will buy inferior but cheap petrol station pumps. In a year or two, your pumps will have poor operational performance and cost you a lot of money as you will be supposed to make a huge replacement. I highly recommend buying high-quality petrol station pumps from a reliable supplier.

The first factor you need to consider when purchasing a petrol station pump is to identify your actual needs. Your supplier should focus on helping select petrol station pumps that are tailored to your unique needs rather than focusing on closing sales.

Before purchasing pumps, it is essential to determine your specific needs are? For example, if your petrol station has a large distance (more than 25 meters) between pumps and storage tanks, it is advisable to purchase submersible pumps rather than sanction pumps.

Also, if the type of traffic passing at your petrol station large vehicles and long haul trucks means you need a petrol station pump with high flow rates.

Suitable petrol station pumps for your site are flow rates of 250liter per minute or 500liter per minute.

Furthermore, suppose the vehicle passing at your petrol station location are mostly small vehicles and tricycles. In that case, the petrol station pumps with a flow rate of 40liter/min or 70 liters per minute are recommended.

The last factor is deciding whether you will buy from local suppliers or rely on International pumps suppliers.

When thinking about purchasing petrol station pumps, you have options to buy from local suppliers or import pumps from abroad. Procuring pumps from local suppliers gives you numerous benefits.

First, you will benefit from quick delivery, competitive rates, and fast maintenance services. Furthermore, the more you rely on local petrol station pumps suppliers, the less exposed your operation is to custom delays, import taxes, and exchange rate fluctuation.

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