The importance of oil as a lubricating agent for mechanical parts in motion is well known. Tanzania offers one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for engine lubricant oil.

This could be credited to various reasons like penetration of used cars in the country, more frequent changes from older vehicles, and a good level of economic development and regulatory encouragement

With the current strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection setting up your own oil recycling plant can be viable business venture.

Although, reasons holding back people from being part of lucrative business opportunities in the industry are many and varied, they can be pinpointed to one main factor: there hasn’t been any comprehensive source of information from East Africa to guide prospective entrepreneurs and investors to be part of immense opportunities abounding the sector

Properly armed with the right information and entrepreneurial drive, you will find waste oil recycling plant business can be very rewarding both financially and through a sense of personal achievement. This article will arm you with the right information

What is a waste oil recycling plant?
A waste recycling plant is a facility that uses sophisticated technology to process hazardous and toxic residues producing high-quality lubricants, this leads to environmental protection.

Building Your Oil Recycling Plant

1.Start-Up Budget
The initial investment for building an oil recycling plant in Tanzania is USD 3Million. With a great business plan that demonstrates a good likelihood of success and you are persistent, you will find the money you need. Of course, it may take longer(and require more work) than you expect, but you will ultimately be successful if you believe in the lubricant oil recycling business

It is vital to search for land in industrial areas or you can secure property close to the port of Dar es salaam. A total of 4,400square meters is suitable for setting up an oil recycling plant


1.Administration building. It must accommodate the administrative staff of the plant as well as a dressing room for operative personnel.

2.Control room. This includes the remote control unit of the plant, it functions to control all equipment with help of a computer system.

3.Laboratory: For analyzing raw materials and finished products

4.Transformer station

5.Loading and unloading platform. It should have trucking access areas for unloading (used oil) and finished products.

6.Utility platform. This will include tanks for storing raw materials (used oils) and the finished products
The building

Regulatory Procedures for Setting up and Operating Oil Recycling Plant
To successfully set up and operate an engine oil recycling plant in Tanzania, you should secure the following licenses and permit:
National Environment Management Council (NEMC) for environmental impact assessment
Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority. For lubricant wholesale license and building permit
Other regulations that grant you license for oil recycling plants include Government chemistry,
Ministry of industry and trade, fire department etc.

Principle to Operate and Manage a Successful Oil Recycling Plant in Tanzania

1.Compliance with all government regulations as well as health, safety, security, environment, and quality standards (HSSEQ) policy.
The oil recycling business involves the use of toxic and dangerous substances. So compliance with legal and safety norms is crucial to prevent major accidents involves in dangerous substance

2.Recruitment of highly qualified, experienced personnel to carry out the operation of the waste oil recycling plant

3.Superior customer services

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