Ever struggles to explain what you do in the oil and gas industry to people who just don’t seem to understand?

If your answer to this question is yes, then you are not alone. These are challenging times. Understanding and explaining the value of what you do is critical to feeling inspired, safe, and inspire those around you.

The simple truth is that the oil and gas industry is not like other industries. You work under pressure to meet operational needs. You will also work hard and long hours to execute the project perfectly.

The excellent pay that the industry offers isn’t enough to help feel inspired and fulfilled.

To wake up every day inspired and feel safe and end the day fulfilled by the work you do. You must understand the value of what do and how to communicate it to others.

Why are you working long, hard hours in the hot sun? For a paycheck? Yes, to a certain degree. But why are you at the Jobsite in the first place?

These are easy ones to answer.

You are tasked to expand access to affordable, plentiful, and reliable energy for the population of people.

Tanzania and East Africa need fuel that is affordable enough to pull the poor out of poverty. Abundant enough to raise the standard of living for our growing population. And reliable enough to work all the time.

So that our factories and hospitals always have power. Our water purification plants never stop producing clean water. And our schools use clean cooking fuel to prepare food.

Without your skills, expertise, and services fuel becomes expensive, scarce, and unreliable to the population of people. And regular people will suffer.

If you are having drinks with clients, old friends, or family who ask about what you are doing at work these days.

Don’t give them a generic answer. “I am petroleum engineer” “I am production engineer.”

“My company explores and produces and distribute natural gas for consumer and industry.” Or, “ Our company import, store distribute and market petroleum products.”

Give people the value of what do. So you could say “ I am a petroleum engineer, my role is to deliver affordable, abundant, and reliable fuel, vital for human flourishing.” Or, “I believe the role of a petroleum engineer is to solve problems and bring smiles to poor people by offering them cheap and reliable fuel that enhances their lives. That’s why I love what I do”

The reason you wake up every your isn’t just to produce and sell oil and gas-related products. But you are committed to maximizing access to affordable fuel supplies for the world.

You have the most important job and profession in the world.

What you do is already awesome, and all you need to do is find a way to explain it to others. So that they understand and appreciate the value of your work as well as the oil and gas industry.

When you understand the value of what you do at your oil and gas workplace, you will stand out as a dedicated and committed talent among your peer and become an asset to your company. And this benefits you, oil and gas companies, and our industry.