Tanzania import millions of litres of refined petroleum products annually.

Setting up your own petroleum refinery will reduce the amount of petroleum products imported into the country. It will also improve availability of the petroleum products in the country.

Petroleum refinery business is a lucrative but capital intensive. The total investment cost for setting up a refinery in Tanzania is approximately  USD 120,500,000.

And it can generate you an income of USD  260,000 on daily basis.

The reasons petroleum refinery business is lucrative is that, due to economic growth, Tanzania and its neighboring landlocked countries have recently registered significant growth in demand for petroleum products.

So, your refinery will be equipped  not only to attract wholesale and retail customers of petroleum products in Tanzania but also to be able to sell the products to neighboring landlocked countries like Rwanda, Burundi , Zambia, DR Congo, etc.

If you are looking to increase your stream of income and maximize impact like creating employment for others, getting into the petroleum refinery business will help achieve that mission and you will also inspire countless other as role model.

The population of this country is growing and so is her economy. I advise you leverage that.

You can’t start this business on your own savings. So,you will have to get private investors to back you to get started.

I hope this help.

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