A Sample Business Plan for Starting and Running A Petrol/Service Station in Tanzania

Our sample petrol station business plan helps business owners and entrepreneurs like you create a business plan in less time for investor funding, bank loan, compliance with government authorities and for self-learning. 

Executive Summary

SMILE SERVICE Station is a newly established service station whose management perceive the growing demand of petroleum products in Tanzania which is occasioned by the increasing number of cars and infrastructural projects.

At Smile Service Station, we understand that having a service station in a suitable location which is equipped with modern dispensing equipment is not enough in today’s competitive service station division of the oil and gas sector.

To win the competition in today’s crowded retail service station business, we will ensure that our station is managed by efficient and well-trained men who know how to deal with customers and keep them; men who know the products and how dispense them; men who know sales psychology and safety practices; and men with agreeable personality that is pleasing and inviting.

Our biggest competitive advantage is amazing customer experience. That means we pay attention to keeping our service station and its equipment and surroundings spotlessly clean while offering friendly and helpful customer services. This will attract more people than any single thing we can do.

Our goal is to supply distinctive services which make motorists want to return to our station.

Our motto is “Service with Smiles”. This means we don’t just fulfill the orders of motorists, we also make our customers feel welcome and glad that they visit our stations and that we offer great customer services with pleasant warmhearted smiles.

Our service station will be equipped not only to sell petrol and diesel to a large number of motorists but also to give extra products and services such as repair services, car wash services and accessories all on the same premises.

As a principal owner of Smile Service Station, Mr. Kelvin brings year of business experiences to the company.


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Executive Summary




Keys to Success.

Business Descriptions

Business Ownership.


Startup Capital and Funding Requirement

Startup Capital

Product /Services.


Source of Supply.

Equipment Availability.

Market Analysis and Summary.

Industry Growth.

Industry Analysis

Services Station Trends

Retail Service Station Industry Outlook.


Marketing Plan.

  1. Sales Strategies.
  2. Marketing Strategies.
  3. Promotion and Distribution Strategies.

Services and Products We Offer

Our Services. I

Our Supplies. I

Finanacial Plan


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