The coming year is set to be very busy for the team at Aminex.

The Uk based exploration and production company, Aminex, is now looking to further accelerate its drilling operations in Tanzania.

As we speak, the company is working with relevant authorities in Tanzania to secure permits and keep within all regulations. This is clearing the way for drilling work to start as soon as possible.

I have been following Aminex for a while now and tracking their progress in Tanzania.

In it latest announcement, the company says that it has submitted the 2020 Work Programmes and Budgets for all licences to the Tanzania authorities for approval.

The submitted programme including the cost  for drilling Chikumbi-1 well and the acquisition of 2D and 3D surveys over the Mtwara license, all for US$40 million.

In addition Aminex’s joint venture partner, Ara Petroleum Tanzania limited, has agreed to accelerate pre-drilling activities of Chikumbi-1 well.

The activities including construction of an access road to the Chikumbi-1 wellsite, construction of the drilling surface location, ordering of select long lead items, and to progress permitting activities.

With relatively stable oil price and strong business partnerships, suffice me to say that the time is really now for Aminex.

Tanzania Is open for Business.

It’s actually pretty amazing to watch how quickly the Tanzanian government is working with the majors oil and gas companies in joint ventures to tap into these oil and gas resources. Because they know that it is prosperity for its people.

Recently , the company says that it continues to see positive progress in Tanzania.

The main reason for the company to become confident and stay positive are increasing gas demand in Tanzania, business environment and the approaching completion of the government’s review of production sharing agreements. All this encourage companies to push their drilling programs.

What does all these mean and to equipment providers and service companies?

If you have solutions for the oil and gas , this is good time to present your solution directly to the oil and gas clients in East Africa or indirectly by engaging subcontracting opportunities.

And if you can show them how you can offer partnerships rather than procuring goods and services, there is always a chance for new vendors to enter the market or bid the latest tender.