To be perfectly honest with you fuel sector is the highest potential business area in Tanzania. It offers immense  opportunities right now and has massive room for growth in Tanzania. If you still doubt, I am going to give you the proven reasons and actual data.
Let’s get started.


1.Economic growth. Tanzania continues to report as fastest  economic growth  in 2017 compared  with other  regions in Africa with economic growth rates at 7.1 percent. IMF ranks Tanzania as the only country in EAC with this economic growth
The economic growth trigger increase in motor vehicle ownership. And all of which need fuel and that fuel are diesel, petrol, lubricants which they buy from the petrol stations

2.Population growth. According to the world bank, Tanzania population of 53 million is estimated to grow at 3 percent per year. As population expand in the country the fuel needs such as petrol, diesel kerosene continue to climbs

3.Tanzanians are switching from the use of Charcoal and firewood
It is not like 100+ years ago when Tanzanians rely on firewood and charcoal for their cooking. Since cooking gas is environment-friendly, cook food faster, and best of all is very affordable. Today Most Tanzanians buy cooking gas from the petrol stations to heat food. And those who don’t buy cooking gas they just buy kerosene for their cooking. And all of which are available at the petrol, stations.

All these are signs indicate the future growth of fuel sector in Tanzania an example check of the  demand and Consumption data from the EWURA
Tanzania are the biggest consumers of the fuel, In 2015 a total of 5,163,565,035 liters of fuel (diesel petrol kerosene and jet fuel were imported into the country
In 2016, a total of 5,486,931,146 liters of fuel (kerosene, diesel, petrol and jet fuel ) were imported in the country, This is 6 percent increase compared to the volume imported in 2015.

With trends like this, The fuel continues to be the great business long into the future. The main drivers, being urbanization, population growth, economic growth, and increase of awareness to use clean energy in cooking such as cooking gas that is affordable and does not pollute households
Fuel sector is profitable and offers profitable business opportunities inn Tanzania right now and long into the future. I don’t say this to brag, but to impress upon you this opportunity is real opportunity.

                            How Do You Tap Business Opportunities In Fuel Sector In Tanzania?
Now that you know how is this sector profitable, let’s talk about starting a business in this sector. There is a different avenue to venture into fuel sector in Tanzania.

But the best route is to open your own fuel station in Tanzania. This is because, fuel station help you to sell various products, not only fuel but also beverages such as waters juice etc. This is crucial because it will double or even triple your income.

So what are the requirement to start fuel station in Tanzania? What if you learn i the legal requirement to start fuel station in Tanzania? What  the start up cost and break down for setting up fuel station in Tanzania ? If you want to learn how to start a fuel station in Tanzania without hassles and save your precious time, I have written a book that will help your start petrol station fast and easy any time you ready. Click the link to get the instruction on to get your copy  The Complete Guide To Start Petrol Station Business In Tanzania

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