Many people want to take part in Tanzanian oil and gas sectors, Tanzanians are eyeing oil and gas jobs, some part are eager doing oil and business. The journalist wants to write about oil and gas sector.

However before you look for opportunities in oil and gas sector there are some essential details to know about oil and gas sector.

Toward the end of this article, you would have superior compression of where to work or to offer products and solutions in oil and gas sector.
And All are down this

Big Four

Oil and gas industry compose of 4 segments notably upstream, midstream downstream, and service

1:Upstream companies include of procedure of getting oil from the ground also know as production and exploration stages

Upstream involves the following process:

  • Searching and discovering oil and gas reserves
  • Digging of holes(wells)
  • Operation the wells
  • Pulling out the oil and gas to the surface

2:Midstream  companies represents the transportation of crude oil and gas from one location to another. Consider things like pipeline, Tankers, Truck, boat etc

3:Downstream operators, they process crude oil and natural gas into finished products that to be used by the consumer, also, they engage in selling and marketing of oil products such as diesel kerosene, gasoline petrol and so on. it comprises petrochemical plants, oil refineries, plastics and fertilizer

4:Service companies they don’t engage in any oil and gas operations but they have manpower, expertise, and technology to serve oil and gas industry

Oil and gas sector is global and not international
Most people mix up these two circumstances when it comes to oil and gas sectors, In clarifying this when you go an office of Statoil office in Dar Es Salaam the people perform there are Tanzanians, then if you go an office Statoil in Norway the people work there are Norwegians
The same way if you go an office of Statoil in Nigeria the people work there are Nigerians

Oil and Gas language
You know why I love petroleum industry? Because of existing terminology used in this field
You will be amazing! Here’re some of them

Tree: When you hear the word tree your first thought goes into an area where birds and other animal lives. But this is deferent in oil and gas sector. Tree or Christmas tree it gives control of well during production of oil and gas

Super Major– These are oil companies engage in upstream, midstream downstream and services activities, As I am writing this article there are on 4 super majors in the world, including TOTAL, SHELL, BP, CHEVRON,  and  EXXONMOBIL

NOC- short for national Oil Company, is the oil and gas company owned by the host country. For example, in Tanzania Petroleum development corporation(TPDC) is NOC, If you go United Arab Emirates ADNOC is NOC

Final Thought
These are primary details to put into concept if you consider opportunities in oil and gas industry.
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