In the context, Tanzania wants to use its 55 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the Asian Market many opportunities growing in the sector.

And government presents a smart investment helpful environment for the oil and gas to entice local and foreign investors

In the new petroleum act of 2015 requires all investors to use locally produced products and as happens in these items do not are available then must go into partnership with local companies in order to offer the required items and services

And the best information is this, this law declares that partnership should give seeds is not restricting contribution 25%. This is the opportunities for Tanzania to develop prosperity in gas sector

And for this reasons I am composing this article to show you 7 items and solutions to offer in Tanzanian gas industry and produce an excellent comeback. And all are down this:

  1. Human resources: You hire both short-term and long-lasting employees then you offer to the oil and gas organizations such as Statoil, BG Maurel et Prom and So on
  2. Health and Safety equipment supply: This opportunity in which you supply personal protective equipment to the oil companies including safety boot, gloves, Weather Jacket and so on, these products are dire demand since safety issues is crucial in oil and gas sector
  3. Logistic services: You supply oil field equipment by surface air or sea, you go beyond and above through and transport oil and gas field workers from the site to the hotel.
  4. Technical services: Provide services such as drilling of small gas an oil well, welding and so on
  5. Telecommunication services: We all know oil and gas exploration and production activities are done in the remote areas with less or no communication facilities. However, oil and gas employees need to get in touch with loved ones and executives want to know what is going on in the site. If you offer support likeIf you provide service like video conferences, internet radio you have greater chance to make money
  6. Accommodation service: Supply services like Hotels catering etc.
  7. Offer equipment used in entire oil and gas value chain: Some equipment such as drill bits, steel pipe require constant replacement during oil and gas operation, So when you supply these products you make big payoff

Over To You
We have seen seven products and services to sell into Tanzanian oil and gas sector and create huge wealth in the gas sector.But to put them into practice is up to you