No longer debatable!

The tremendous natural gas discovered off coast Tanzania has been set the nation into international energy map.

Tanzania is considered to be sitting on one of the greatest gas reserves in the entire globe.

But still there is substantial gap between the growth rate of the sector and percentage of youngsters career in the market.

Don’t believe me?

Don’t fear you will confess it.

To understand what I am discussing about let me show you the sector submission of youngsters employment

According to URT (2013), most youths ages 15-24 years (24.0%) were employed in
manufacturing market followed by the general and retail store business (17.6%) of complete youths in the official market. Education utilizes about 15.2% of all youths in Tanzania while exploration and quarrying; and power and gas sectors implement the smallest share in the official market in Tanzania (0%).

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However, Youth participation in gas market is crucial for financial development because they are our upcoming.And their concepts are still effervescent and are more dynamic than the mature. Unfortunately,are the one face high unemployment

Gap can be narrowed
However, this gap can be simplified by participating between public and private market.Through doing the following

Creating attention to Tanzanian youth
The tough truth about oil and gas market is this, In real-world oil and gas industry hire small fractions of employees because of the investment characteristics of the market.

We should handle youngsters anticipations on the market. By doing so, Youth will begin to think on seeking self-employment through business actions in oil and gas industry

To let you know let me give you an example

Have you ever observed about Statoil company? Right?

Despite of its popularity and working in more 36 nations across the entire globe and 40 years of experience in the oil area. Statoil has roughly 23,000 genuine employees around the globe.

Introducing various business intervention
Also, this gap can be simplified through presenting of various business participation to motivate Tanzanian youngsters to implement possibilities increasing in oil and gas sector, instead of expecting someone will seek the services of them in the market.

We should get them trained, coached and mentored to create abilities for success business owners like discussion abilities etc


My Last words
The best ways of reducing youngsters gap in Tanzanian oil and gas market is to change youth’s attitude and start thinking of fixing group issue in oil and gas market while making money.Get them trained and access financial. This could improve creativeness and advancement among Tanzanian youngsters and would turn resources into financial growth

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