Are you seeking where to invest in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?

Do you wonder which town is best to invest in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?
Don’t worries
What if I told you some Tanzanian towns are booming thanks to natural gas discovery?

And these gas discoveries make some towns in Tanzania offering enormous investment opportunities to make health payoff

If you’re looking where to invest for the next coming month or year in Tanzanian oil and gas sector here are 2 hotspots for investment that I would explain

Is rapidly becoming hub region for business with increasing population marketplace.

The immense discovery of natural gas offers huge potential rewards.And many foreign investors has been attracted to the region.

Ever ask yourself why African billionaire Dangote choose to invest in Mtwara.The logic simple. He has already eyeing opportunities in the region.

With Mtwara port plus good infrastructure and logistics, Mtwara is the hottest spot for establishing vocational training institutions, recruiting agency recruiting agency because there many clients in the area.

However, Mtwara is the better place for building training institution related to oil and gas.

Like vocational training institution to help get local technicians which are in the dire demand in oil and gas sector.

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With little gas production in Songo songo field since 2004, plus plan to build the Liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) in the area on the horizon, would make Lindi potential market for business.

Because people should travel in this area. There would be significant demand in real estate, hotels and transportation

Final Words
In the last decades, Mtwara and Lindi have appeared as sleeping regions. But the discovery of natural gas has been transforming the regions in the hub town for investment In the country.