No, it’s not a mistake! you read the title correctly, you’re about to read, is 29 years old woman and has already become the first Tanzanian woman petroleum engineer to involve in oil and gas drilling projects in the middle of the ocean.

Under those hurdles and hassles in her way, she persists until she accomplishes her goals
Today I would like to share inspiring story with you about Ghati Mwita a woman raised in Mara region

Let’s see her interesting life journey

When she was a little girl her dream was to become an engineer. Her lovely father used to get her different books that would help her to improve knowledge

Ghati joins secondary education
After completing ordinary level Ghati started high school, despite the fact that she got A in the subject of accounting, she was interesting in science subjects (Physics Mathematics and Chemistry)


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Ghati enters TTCL
She then got the job at TTCL after completing high school, but she finally left the job and joined the university.

Ghati goes University of Dar es salaam

Getting division three in high school final examination forced Ghati to join special courses that help candidates who have obtained marginally lower grades than the minimum entry requirement of higher learning institutions.

After successfully completing pre-university courses Ghati joined with the university of Dar es salaam  and do  Bachelor of science in mineral processing engineering

Desire to pursue career in petroleum industry
While she continued her studies, One among of their teachers taught a module about exploration and drilling of oil and natural gas. From that day on Ghati began fascinating with oil and gas field.
She began to look for all opportunities concerning oil and gas industries, and finally  went to Norway for masters’ degrees in petroleum engineering thanks to Statoil company’s scholarship

To make a long story short, currently she is in one-year industrial practical training enjoying a career in oil and gas industry.

Moreover, her purpose is to bring significant development in Tanzania oil and gas sector. Therefore, she expects to get a doctor of philosophy degree for the next 5 years

Why I choose to share with you this inspiring story

  • There are great lessons to receive from her journey
  • You can be anyone you want to be or achieve anything you desire if you have clear and realistic goals
  • Success is not mattered your background, intelligence native ability, family, friends or contacts that enable us to do extraordinary things but is our ability to get very best out under all conditions. As we have seen Ghati is the woman raised up from rural areas.
  • What men can do, women can do as well. As the nature of petroleum jobs many people believe oil and gas career is for men only.

Key to succeed

  • Decide exactly what you want
  • identify the price you want to pay in order to accomplish what you wantDear readers, we love your comments from all of these, and if you found this interesting, do not delay to share with friends


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