Since falling of oil price in  June 2014  many oil and gas professionals have lost their jobs in petroleum companies.

It is true that Petroleum professionals who lost their jobs in petroleum companies experiencing bad time, this pushes them divert into different industries, sometimes even not related to their experience or field of study, Some  of them spending time at home doing nothing rather than killing time to wait for oil price to recover.

If you are among of them, don’t panic, today I will show you how you can survive during this period of oil price crash. But before i figure out how you can survive, I want you to keep in mind that, this is not the first time oil

This is not the first time oil and gas industry downturn

Remember the similar oil price crash has occurred in 1986, also remember oil price crash has occurred in 2008, so you have to keep in mind that this is not the first time for oil price crash to occur, and also is not the last oil price crush, i predict another crash may exist again. If you know all of this you will realize that this is normal circumstance in oil and gas business.

Now Lets see how you can survive in this period of low crude price

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To be employed in petroleum companies does not imply you  unable to work  in other companies unrelated to oil and gas. So this is the right time to   mindstorming and decide where you can work. Also you can learn others skills  or disciplines that can help you while waiting for market to recover.


  1. Volunteer.

One of the advantages of oil prices crash is it develop leadership skills and it boost your resume, So  go and volunteer to any institution, don’t underestimate any  volunteering activities just go and learn then chance will go back to you.


3. Get  updated with current issues in petroleum industry.

Know where layoff are happened, know the trend of layoffs in petroleum industry, also  you must which sector are still recruit and which segment are not, and this you can know by visiting sites like    tanzaniapetroleum.com etc


4.Get job that you will support you to make living.

It doesn’t matter where as long you get money, find where you can add value and this will help you increase chances of getting job later.


5.Widen your network.

This is not only will help you to get job but also it’s very important for your career development and success. Such for key people in the internet, use social networks wisely and the one I recommend most is to create professional linkedin profile. Attend events and conference relating to petroleum industry. I



It’s difficult to predict when this downturn will end up  but atleast at the end of 2015. So is up to you how to react to  that. If petroleum industry is your passion I believe you will fight and win the battle. But before  that happen  I believe a lot of thing should be done. This is right time to start. Start now…….






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