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How To Start oil and Gas Services Company In Tanzania with Little Money. Th Complete Guide


  It’s a crazy idea, right? But you read the title correctly. I am talking to graduates, students, employee, recently laid off workers, Tanzanian youth and anybody with interest to start oil and gas business from scratch, but they have limited capital I’m not the mind reader but I know you are thinking this is […]

Solo Oil Announces Investment In Helium Gas Project In Tanzania

Helium demand could balloon, as industrial use rises and existing supplies wane

Solo Oil has announced that it has agreed to acquire a 10% interest in Helium One Limited  for a total consideration of £2.55 million  and has also been granted a 90-day call option to increase its investment in the company by a further 10%, for an additional investment of £4 million, which would increase its stake to 20%. The initial investment […]

Discover the Magic Of starting Electrical Products Business in Tanzania


Trading electrical items is the profitable business in Tanzania. And if you put things right this business guarantee 100 percent your money back within a reasonable period of time from setting up. Electrical products are selling extremely fast, because, Tanzania is the fast growing economy. People both in rural and in the city of Dar […]

REVEALED : 17  Tips and Rules Nobody Tells You About Make Good Money In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Markert


  Deep down you know it’s true. How’s difficult to gain oil and gas information in this country. Some people will require you to pay them big cash to teach you how to make money in this industry. Because I love you,  I’m giving you all this information for free. So no matter who you […]

How  To  Do  Business With Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania


  Oil and gas companies in Tanzania buys almost everything,  They buy food stuff, to feed their employees in the job site.They buy fuel, such as diesel and lubricants. They buy industrial products such as valves, safety equipment, HR services, Transportation services. So you can do business with these companies provided that you know what […]

How To Recognize Potential Business Opportunities In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector…..5 Steps!


  The major constraint that holds back many Tanzanians from grabbing the opportunity in the oil and gas sector is the lack of information about the current opportunities in this Industry. Many local suppliers and services providers even job seekers don’t aware of the existing opportunity in this booming sector. This lack of information prevent […]

Sababu 5 Kwanini Bei Ya Gesi Inapanda Wakati Inapatikana Nchini Na Hatua za Kuchukua Kuokoa Pesa Nyingi Kwa Kununua Gesi


Hivi karibuni kumeibuka mjadala mkubwa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii watu wengi wakijadili swala la kupanda bei ya gesi ya  majumbani Swala hili limepelekea kila mtanzania  kuongea kile ambacho anafikiri au  anavyojua. Kwa kuwa sekta ya mafuta na gesi asili bado ni changa hapa nchini watu wengi wamekuwa wakitoa taarifa ambazo sio sahihi kuhusu swala hili, […]

Amnex Proves More Tanzania Gas, Shares Fall

Aminex CEO Jay Bhattacherjee at the wellhead of Kiliwani North well 1 which has produced since April 2016 (Photo credit: Aminex)

  UK independent Aminex said March 8 that its Ntorya-2 appraisal well in southern Tanzania has “exceeded expectations” flowing dry high quality gas at average stable rate of 17mn ft3/d (2,833 barrels of oil equivalent per day). But its share price, and that of its partner, have fallen in early trading.   Please see: how-to-register-your-foreign-business-in-Tanzania Aminex […]

How To Register Your Foreign Business In Tanzania


Perhaps you’re running an existing business somewhere outside of Tanzania.And your business is doing fairly well. So you’re thinking of expanding your business operation to Tanzania. Your intention, however, is not to incorporate a new business in  Tanzania without getting in legal trouble. The purpose of this article to provide guidance to business owners and […]

         How To Register Your Business in Tanzania – 5 Steps


  If you’re  keen on doing legitimate business in Tanzania, then you should register your business with Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) an agency empowered by the government under act  No 30  of 1997 for business registration in Tanzania. Registering your business is easy and fast. But it can be a little bit frustrating […]

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