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Marketing In Oil and Gas: Gain Competitive Edge Using Publicity


In today’s competitive environment, maintain your company visibility is important to economic survival.

It helps you communicate an unspoken message about your company. The message is “ We are doing fine, we are surviving and we are here for you because we have products and services that are in demand even in a down economy”.

Recognizing that people in the oil and gas industry prefer to do business with companies they know or  heard of with a good reputation.

Favorable publicity helps establishes credibility and maximize your company’s visibility. In turn, visibility establishes trustworthiness which is worth money in the bank.

Three main reasons publicity gives you a competitive edge include:

1.Enabling to reinforce a message who you are and what you do: You may think everyone knows who you are and type of products or services you offer, but chances are, there many people who never heard of you or are not sure exactly what you do. Getting your story into different media communications or publications help people know who you are and what you do, these generate inquiries and maximize your company visibility

2.Inform the industry you are active. Knowing you exist and remembering you when your services are required are entirely two different things. Keep your name in industry publications, reminds people and keep your name in front of them, so when they need products or services they know whom to call.
Enhance your company’s image and reputation across the whole industry: This is the key benefit of positive publicity. People tend to think about your company as a successful organization when they see your name regularly in respected industry publications.


3.Enhance your company’s image and reputation across the whole industry: This is the key benefit of positive publicity. People tend to think about your company as a successful organization when they see your name regularly in respected industry publications.


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Five Powerful Ways To Gain Competitive Edge Using Publicity 

Now you know why publicity is vital for your business survival in today’s competitive economy, let expose some ways to generate positive publicity that gives you a competitive edge.

1.Feature articles: A feature article is an article written and submitted to publications by corporation or business or entrepreneurs. The main goal for a feature article is to gain publicity and exposure for the company, its products or services.
Placing feature articles with appropriate industry publications is one of the most powerful and effective of all marketing technique:

  • Your message has far more credibility as editorial than as a sponsored advertisement. Because readers view advertising with skepticism
  • The publication of the article results in the credibility of the company.

2.Case history: This is a company, products or services success story. It tells how services were used to solve the problem, improve operation, increase productivity, save money or time. Example story ideas for case history include an outstanding story, customer success story, etc

3:Press release: The press release is a prepared news story that contains useful information about your company, products or services send to the press or industry publications. It uses to tell the media about your story or business in the hope the media will tell the public. The best way to benefit from the press release is to ensure you create a newsworthy event that has some interest to your target audience and the industry publication as well.

4.Newsletter: Another way to generate publicity is to publish newsletters and distribute for free to prospective clients, employees, shareholders and other people who might be interested in company activities products or services. The primary goal of the newsletter is to establish an image, credibility keep in touch with prospect employees, shareholder partners.

5.Take ownership of the industry events.Participating in the industry event can be a powerful tool to market and promote your company or even products in the oil and gas industry.

More than two oil and gas industry events are held each year in Tanzania. And these can be a good place to network, build new contacts for business development.
All you need to do is to find out the industry event that fit your budget and participate as delegates or sponsor.

Coming Up With Case Story, Feature Articles, Newsletter, and Special Report Ideas.
Here are ten story ideas you can apply in your organization to generate positive publicity:

1.Announcement of the new branch, announcement of new workshop or training or events.
2.Advice from an expert in your company. For example, your health and safety manager can comment on the way to reduce an accident in the workplace.
3.A view of high ranking women in your organization on the woman in the workplace
4.Story of volunteer recruited in your company
5.A tip sheet on how our customer can get the most or benefit from your services
6.Feature articles can people will benefit from joining the industry association
7.An employee who help young people in your company.
8.Interview with the company’s key executives, engineers
9.Oversea activities such as branch products, new facilities, etc
10.Productivity story such as new methods to increase productivity
11.The new joint venture, merger, and acquisitions.
You Should Use Publicity as your marketing If
You want to build an image.
You want to increase sales.
You are struggling to attract the best employees.
You want to generate new sales leads.
You want to expand your operation into the new market.
You want to increase awareness of your company, product or services.

Your Turn

Do you employ publicity in your marketing efforts?   Leave your comment below.

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