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Five Stupid Marketing Strategies to Avoid When Marketing in the Oil and Gas Industry


Whether you market directly to oil and gas companies or you approach their prime contractor, some marketing blunders will waste your time and money.

In this article, I will outline a list of common marketing mistakes made by companies trying to market to the oil and gas industry.

  1. Not Understanding the Goal of Marketing in the Industry

If you ask many suppliers and service providers what the purpose of their marketing is, they will say that it is to sell their products and services to companies in the industry.

But the goal of marketing and branding in the oil and gas industry is not to make quick sales.

The ultimate purpose is to find people who are interested in your offer and to put them into your follow-up database, so that you can offer them value and create long-term relationships built on trust.

After making a first sale comes the consequences. You need to accept the fact that people in the oil and gas industry do not buy right after being offered a product or service. However, you can immediately make sales once you have developed a solid relationship with clients.

  1. No Differentiator


I spend time reading marketing materials and company profiles of many technical suppliers and professional service companies. You can summarize the structure of their company profiles and marketing materials for most of these companies as follow:

-Company logo.

-Company name.

-List of products and services.

-A meaningless slogan claiming to be leading suppliers in the region or providers of quality goods and services.

In fact, most of the equipment and professional service providers have no unique selling proposition that sets them apart from their competitors.

Their marketing materials have been designed to be all about their brand rather than the benefits they offer to a prospect. These are the brochures they send to prospects.

Claiming that you offer good services at international standards isn’t what differentiates you from your competitors because every company claim to be the provider of quality services.

Also, offering quality services is not unique; it’s just the best practice of doing business in the industry.

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Your company profile, website and marketing materials are the most powerful lead generation tools you have. Because they give clients a sneak peek into how it is like working with you. When you write marketing materials, ask yourself why clients should buy from you rather than your competitors. Then write a material communicating your answer: that is, the benefits and values you would offer the client.

  1. Forgetting Online Branding

Digital marketing and branding are questionable strategies to most technical and service companies in the oil and gas industry. But today, buyers look for a better result at competitive rates.

They also want to be better informed before they make a purchasing decision. So, they do their homework online first before deciding to buy. They also research for specification and prices as well.

So, if you use your website and create contents that educate your clients on your experiences, or if you share something valuable on what you do, your company would generate new leads or even be considered at the time of RFP evaluation.

  1. Not Realizing the Power of Brand Building

Most companies in the industry have not yet realized the full potential of building their brand.

Your brand is not just a logo, company name or website. Your brand is your reputation and visibility in the marketplace. A well-known brand easily secure new business ventures, attract strong partners and recruit the best talents.

  1. Positioning Yourself as a Supplier Rather than a Partner

Buyers in the oil, gas and energy sector look for partners who will have a long-term collaboration in a win-win situation with them.

Don’t be seen as a vendor on the supplier’s list. Position your company as a partner who offers value for mutual benefits.

Updated: March 27, 2019 — 1:21 PM
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