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How Oil And Gas Companies Manage Health and Safety Risk In Tanzania And East Africa.

The oil and gas companies activities bring immense benefit to Tanzanians and the country as well.
They create jobs, government receive royalty and collect the tax. But they may also bring impacts relating to health and safety.
The fact is the upstream oil and gas activities are hazardous. Drilling projects, seismic, helicopter transfer to offshore, facilities operation, maintenance and construction activities may present enormous risks.


But the most common type of health and safety incidents occur at the workplace.

This article explains some ways companies producing gas in Tanzania mitigate health and safety risks at the workplace in offshore and onshore projects.

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And ensure that they reduce the number of accidents that might cause severe injuries and illness to their employees and the contractors.

1. Investment in protective equipment.
In addressing the safety and health risks oil and gas companies ensure that all workers have right the personal protective equipment at the workplace. In doing so, employees are less likely to suffer injuries should such accident arise.

2.Invest in training.
It is no secret that many workers in the upstream oil and gas companies work a long shift. In this regards, workers may make many mistakes due to lack of attention and tiredness. As the oil and gas companies invest in health and safety training, they raise awareness among the employees.

Also, regular safety training program helps people to be aware of the risks and management may take a step to control injuries and illness.

Despite all these precautions being taken, health and safety risks are still occurring. To prevent the accidents from reoccurring, oil and gas companies needs to records all injuries and illness that are investigated and take steps to improve control to prevent them.

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