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How to Become a Supplier of Goods and/or a Service Provider with Big Oil and Gas Companies in Tanzania and East Africa

It is no secret that running an oil and gas company can skyrocket your financial status in a reasonable time from setting up. The oil and gas industry has made individuals live their dream lives, traveling the world and bringing a huge profit to companies.

If you need to provide goods and offer services to multinational oil and gas companies like Total, Shell, Statoil, Aminex, Pan African Energy, Swala Energy, Caroil Drilling, etc., it will benefit you to read this to the end.

And once you have, then take immediate action.

Tanzania has over 57 trillion cubic feet of the natural gas which is considered internationally significant. The discovery of natural gas in Tanzania has attracted many multinational oil and gas companies.

And you know what? They require enormous goods, lots of equipment and tools, and a great need of services to function everyday. Individuals and indigenous companies can provide those and benefit from those opportunities.

*The Tanzanian Oil and Gas Market Right Now*

This market is hige and there are a lot of projects about to kick off in Tanzania. There is a 3.5-billion-dollar Ugandan-Tanzanian pipeline construction, oil and drilling operations, construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities, and many oil and gas operational facilities. UK-based Aminex, on April 9th, 2018, announced that it wants to go for further drilling operations in Ruvuma, Tanzania, and will announce the drilling company company by the end of June.

The projects involve many multinational oil and gas companies that need to be supplied with various goods and services to keep their facilities running. That can be offered by smart entrepreneurs like you and at higher rates.

Who Can Do Business in the Oil and Gas Industry?*

The beauty of the oil and gas sector is that opportunity is available for everyone. Anybody can start small and grow bigger like multinational companies we see operating today.

You can start an oil and gas business wherever you are in Tanzania. All you need is the right information of how it works.

Why People Haven’t Been Participating in the Oil and Gas Sector*

The reason there is minimal involvement of Tanzanians in the oil and gas sector is that the information about the business has been left in the hands of few people, and these people make it seem doing business in the industry is difficult and impossible.

They may not hide the truth about how it works, but I do think they have a vested interest in not giving you the whole picture.

And that’s what I would like to give you: the important details.


“How to Recognize Potential Business Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector in Tanzania”

In this guide, you’ll learn:
•How to a start an oil and gas supply and service business.
•How to become a supplier or contractor
(including permits and licenses you need to have).
•How to recognize business opportunities in the oil sector.

 •How to be noticed and considered by multinational oil and gas companies.
•How to ask for and win contracts from multinational oil and gas companies.
•How to prepare and submit acceptable bids.
•List of goods you can supply.
•List of services you can offer.

…and many more


As a bonus, you’ll also get a free guide:

“A Guide to Business Opportunities in the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project”

In this guide, you’ll discover:

•The main activities in the EACOP project (here you’ll learn how the pipeline will be built)
•Where and how to approach oil and gas companies and their pipeline contractors for jobs.
•The requirements to participate in the EACOP project.
•Tips for getting contract in the pipeline project for small startup companies.

You can get both guides…

Not for TZS 200,000.

Not for TZS 150,000.

Not even for TZS 100,000.

How much do you think a piece of information that could get you contracts of millions of  of shillings worth?

You can get both guides for just a token of TZS 50,000.

To buy the book,  make a payment of TZS 50,000 through Tgo pesa, M-pesa to any of these numbers

  1. +255689955711
  2. +255655376543

Once your payment is done, send an SMS to +255689955711or +255655376543 with the following details:

  • Your full name.
  • Your email address.

Alternatively, send an email with the above details to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com The moment we receive your email or SMS, and we confirm your payment, the eBook will be delivered to your email address (in PDF format) within ten minutes.

You can then download it and read it on your Smartphone or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What kind of book will I receive?

The book will be in PDF format, delivered digitally via email. There are not physical copies of the book sold at this time.

2.What happens after payment?

Once a payment has been made, you will receive an  email, and a download link with which to obtain a copy of the PDF book.

                  What People Are Saying About Me

“Competitive rates and fast delivery of good supplies are the key factors keeping me happy to choose Hussein’s business. His prompt response serves us in emergency situations.” – Malisa Florenso,  Procurement Manager of  Maurel et Prom Exploration and Production Tanzania Limited.

“It was pretty hard entering Tanzania’s oil and gas market. Thankfully, working in partnership with Hussein, purchasing orders from oil and gas companies in Tanzania are coming in.”– Jackson Obi, General Manager of Jack-Pull Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hussein Boffu for a while now with numerous oil and gas companies in Tanzania. He is very responsive and a go-getter with attention to details and ultimately keeping the customer happy. Hussein will keep in touch with you  from the moment you start working with him to when the project is completed and BEYOND.”  –  Imran Pishori, Vice President  of  Quicksource, Inc. in The United States.

“I have found  Hussein to be a veritable fountain of information with a vast and useful network of senior contacts when  I first sought information about the Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. Also, Hussein has a newsletter and website that is arguably one of the international community’s first stops when considering investment into Tanzania.”– Daniel R. Butler, Consultant  and Owner at MelbourneSRO in the Czech Republic

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