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The Complete Guide To Start Oil and Gas Television Show In Tanzania


The idea here’s you introduce an oil and gas television show. The demand for this business is very huge. As you engage the community in Tanzania’s gas sector you’ll attract more viewership in your television show.

You’ll make money from oil and gas companies who are keen to advertise their products and services on your Television program
And the best part is this, Oil and gas companies have a huge budget advertisement. And some of them have a fund to pay for 4 to 8 slots

Topic You can Cover For Your Oil and Gas Television Show

Start a series explaining how the Oil and Gas industry works.
Then move the history of Oil and Gas in Tanzania.
Business opportunities: You show should highlight business opportunities in the oil and gas industry, teach and inspire citizens to use them. And interview oil and gas industry leaders and expert from the TPDC and oil companies operating in Tanzania
Latest trend: You must highlight trends in the oil sector such as global oil price fluctuation and how it affects oil and gas business and economy too.

That should be an entire year’s worths of TV episodes

Tips to run successful oil and gas TV program in Tanzania:
• Your program must be well organized:
Nobody wants to watch rubbish. Creativity is critical in this business. You ought to come up with ideas that interest viewership.
• Give viewers what they want:
The television show, collect many advertisements, have many viewers. To attract a load of them your program must meet viewers’ needs.
It useless running oil and gas Tv show nobody ’s watching. People spend more time watching Tv program that offers them value

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How To partner with Television Station In Tanzania
Buying airtime on television station is costly. But the reward is high if you can. However, when your content is great to generate committed viewership, trust me television channel will get you program without collecting a dime from you.
All you need is a good script that addresses a key issue in Tanzanian oil and gas industry. And reach out any Television station.

By Hussein Boffu



Updated: March 13, 2018 — 3:33 PM
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